Captain N The Game Master – Hero of NES Power Review


Captain N the Game Master summary



Captain N the Game Master is a 80s cartoon based on NES property. The overall plot is a boy named Kevin and his dog named Duke. Both of them are transported into a world called Videoland. Videoland is being taken over by Mother Brain (Metriod). Lana the king’s daughter uses the power glove to summon Kevin. She is not alone, there is Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Mega Man and Pit from Kid Icarus. While in Videoland (a world named after video games), Kevin is armed with a NES controller and Zapper. NES controller is on his waist and have abilities. NES controller can pause, fast forward and jump. Zapper can pixelize enemies and have limited ammo. Kevin and the gang are called N Team. Together Kevin and the N Team warp through wolds. Stopping Mother Brain from talking over Videoland.


Captain N the Game Master - Link and Zelda
Image: Saban Entertainment


I realize this is based on 80s NES era. Simon Belmont and Mega Man are not from Nintendo. Captain N show does have some Nintendo characters like Link. Note: There is no Mario or Samus Aran in this show. Other character like Dr. Wily, Ganon and other villains appeared in this show. Lets break down the main cast. Kevin is from the real world along with Duke. He is the typical hero from another world. Duke is Kevin friend and trusted sidekick on the show. Lana is the princess and not damsel in distress. Simon Belmont is a airheaded buffoon that loves himself and trying to date Lana. Mega Man always say Mega during his dialogue. Pit is very small and like arcus after end of this sentence. I don’t like Simon Belmont and other character portrayals.


Different lands


Don’t get me started on the designs of the characters. Mega Man is horrendous and looks like bad-box art version. Pit is passable and Simon Belmont is not. I have not forgot about King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard. King Hippo is suppose to be orange not light blue. Eggplant looks passable and Mother Brain has a face. Dr. Light is awful and named him Dr. Wright. Dr. Wily is not bad ever. During the show, N Team wrap through world from other NES Games. For example, Castlevania, Megaland, Mount Icarus and many more. They meet characters such as Bayou Billy, Larry Bird, Bo Jackon and more. There are more games like Tetris, Burger Time, Donkey Kong and Dragon Warrior. In season 2, Gameboy makes an appearance and was send by Lana’s father.



N Team
Image: Saban Entertainment


Captain N suffers from animation issues during production. The show uses pop music and live action segments. Season 3 animation was bad and didn’t last very long. The show was great went season 1 and 2 aired. Voice actor was hit and miss in my opinion. Mother Brain voice actor was the same as Little Pet Shop of Horrors. I maybe wrong about that let me know in the comments. Puns are dreadful and jarring. Overall, Captain N the Game Master is semi-cult following that NES fans remember. The series was average and there is better video game shows out there. Will Kevin defeat Mother Brain and return to his world? Does Lana willing to get her father back? Captain N the Game Master is available now on Amazon.


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