This is Why People Hate Video Games in a Gamer’s Perspective


Why do people hate video games?

People hate video games because it slave away from personal responsibilities as an adult and child. I did a post about why people miss work and school to play video games. Readers you can check that out and tell me what you think of it. Not everyone plays video games for a living or lifetime. Most gamers play them as a hobby and favorite pastime. Others found ways to make money playing and developing video games. Mostly, males play video games in the earlier years. Times has change in video game culture. Females play video games nowadays but in the past. It was look down and don’t want to be like a male. Any age group can play video games and there is not limit.


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Enjoy them while there are hot in the market. As far life goes people are aware of being a kid and adult. Stages of your life, you will get an education and get married. Relationships does play a role in video games. Depending on you and your partner interest in gaming. Then its chemistry and you have found someone who has the same interest. For those who chose the wrong destiny, one of your partner hates gaming. Don’t end up with that person and stay far away. Speaking of person responsibilities, make sure to focus on them. Get a education and go to college. You might get into Game Design in a prestige school. Don’t play video games all day if you have children and a day job to feed them.



People got their own taste

Everyone in the world is not a gamer. People like other hobbies like singing, writing, clubbing and etc. Social interacting is not for all gamers. Included myself, I am a loner due to people treating me bad. I use video games to get away from the outside world. Sometimes I do talk to people but don’t care. I want to see what type of person you are. Video games doesn’t change me because I was raised right. I was raised to respect people and don’t act out of character. Let just say I am a man of few words in a nutshell. When a topic on video games and anime, I am open ears and turn into a new person. I didn’t have a problem went people look down on me.


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Being a nerd and gamer is who I am. I am willing to spend the rest of my life loving video games. People hate video games because it’s too competitive please! Let me tell you something life is competitive when you are doing what you are passionate about. What about it cause violence? Nine times out of ten it doesn’t. People have a choice to commit crimes not video games. Another thing video games are for nerd wrong! There are non-nerds play video games and work jobs that pays more money. In the gaming community people have taste in genres. There are fighting game gamers, MMORPG, casual and shooters.



What are you going to do about it?

Everyone is not going to play various games. There is a certain game someone is good at. It doesn’t hurt to try something new don’t you agree. Life goes on in the world. If you don’t like video games I don’t know what to tell that person. I will say this “we don’t have nothing to talk about”. That goes for making friends and dating women. It may sound harsh but I don’t want to be labeled. Go on with your other hobby that I have no interest in. Let me be a gamer for pete sake. I grew up with video games and sharing my ideas with people.


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If you are a anime fan, there is couple of shows dealing with life and video games. Hi Score Girl is one of the hit video games series out there. I am like Yaguchi Haruo expect losing to girls. Haruo is expressive went talking about video games. Another show is Gamers! The main character Amano loves video games and deal with romance. Although I am not a shut –in but I had those thoughts in my head. Video games help me to understand life. I had ups and downs in my life time. Gaming help me learn about the story and meaning behind them. I just want to say thank you to the developers. Hating video game is one thing but enjoying them is fun.



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