The Rising of the Shield Hero Mistreat Your Peers Anime Review


What is The Rising of the Shield Hero?


The Rising of the Shield Hero is a light novel by Aneko Yusagi. It revolves around a otaku named Iwatani Naofumi who is transported into a world. There are protagonists being transported into another world troups in anime. I will get to that toward the end of this post. Naofumi is a shield warrior and the chosen one. He is one of the chosen warriors to save Melromac. There is a spear warrior (Motoyasu), sword (Ren) and bow (Itsuki). These four warriors have to save the Kingdom of Melromac from Catastrophe. Naofumi early in the series gets used by the King’s Daughter named Matly. Matly travels with Naofumi and uses him. Naofumi was dumbfounded and mistrust people after being setup by Matly. Everyone from Malromac shunned Naofumi and treat him like a criminal. This cause Naofumi to felt unease and cynical toward people.


Naofumi, Raphtaila and Filo
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Later on Naofumi, uses his shield to acquire skills and protect others. During his adventures, he learn more about Malromac culture. Outcasted and feel exiled by society, Naofumi meets allies on his adventure. Iwatani meets a slave demi-human named Raphtaila. Raphtaila is a racoon-like demi human that lost her parent during Catastrophe. Naofumi brough her from a slave trader and join in the adventure. Raph is Naofumi sword and right-hand person. Early on, she doesn’t know how to use a sword. After fighting some monsters, Raphtaila level up and become stronger. Later on, Naofumi and Raphtaila brought a egg that have a bird-angel slave. That bird named is Filo, who can change sizes and transform into a human.


Don’t trust no one

The trio fight monsters and leveling up to learn new abilities. Also they learn about each other and ready to fight off the horde. During their adventure, there is a timer that horde come from the sky. The four heroes must fight them all. Once the job is done, they can go back to their world. Naofumi helps out the townspeople but in a blunt way. Sometimes he act arrogant and irrational toward other people. There is a reason is that he doesn’t trust no one in royal or not. He stated in the mid-series of the show. People look down on warriors with shield only weapon. Later on, Naofumi, Raph and Filo meets Malty younger sister Melty. Melty is next in-line for the throne and assist Naofumi group. Malty hates Melty and even trying to assassinate her. Melty wants to learn the truth behind the scenes of Malromac.


The Rising of the Shield Hero
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Even one of the four legendary warrior doesn’t trust Naofumi. Slowly, they’re able to trust Naofumi but not Motoyasu. Motoyasu comes across as a foil to Naofumi. He wants to free Raphtaila and Filo from Naofumi. Naofumi bests him in competing and fighting style. Throughout the anime, Naofumi is trying to clear his name and go home. He does have a sense of justice and good qualities to him. Trust is not one of them. I myself have those trust issues as well.

episode 1
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People have used me and betray me in the past. I know there are great people who will be your sword. Not everyone is like Malty and The King of Malromac. There are people who are willing to support you. Back on topic of this blogpost. During the horde, Naofumi meets someone from it named Glass. Glass is a mysterious warrior wielding a fan and very strong. Naofumi vows to get stronger and fights her again.


Shield someone to protect

Overall, The Rising of the Shield Hero is a great and in-depth series. Watchers will see issues of trust and prejudice in the show. Naofumi relates to me as a person. I get used by people and walk away from it. The story is very deep and hurtful to see Naofumi getting shunned. It reminds me of Naruto becoming a outcast due to the Nine-Tail Fox. Iwatani is look-down due to having a shield. There is humor but it doesn’t fit with the tone of the show. We learn about horrible treatment of demi humans like Death March. The Rising of the Shield Hero stays grounded and puts viewers in Naofumi shoes. Kinema Citrus does the animation and it’s beautiful. There is character development for Raphtaila and Naofumi.


Episode 4
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We learn more about them struggles and what they been going through. I would give them show a watch. There is very dark elements and painful scenes in the show. I am not keen for anime MCs transported into another world troupe like Sword Art Online. It didn’t miss a beat for me and rpg elements. Rising of the Shield Hero is up there with That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime. If you are a fan of rpg-like anime. The Rising of the Shield Hero is available now on Crunchyroll.

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