OMG Adult and Eroge Video Games Will Drive You Wild

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OMG Adult and Eroge Video Games Will Drive You Wild

What are eroge video games?

Eroge video games is visual novel about sexual intercourse and act. Visual novel have subgenres and hidden content in their games. Before we talk about adult games and eroge. I will not post links nor 18+ pictures in this post. Hopefully keep it clean in this website and make readers turn heads. That being said, in the anime and manga community. We know about ecchi because it’s non-adult content. Sometimes ecchi goes beyond than it portray to be. There is another term called Hentai which is the same as Eroge. Hentai means pervert in Japan and adult content. It is very popular in Japan and grounded in the US. Video game developers make titles that suits gamer’s fantasies. You are a main character surrounded by beautiful girls with different bra sizes.

Viper-16 -eroge video games

That’s call a Harem game, although it’s overplayed in anime. There are couple of games that have adult content. 1990s Sogna with their Viper series, School Days and Variable Geo. Those games have adult content and not suited for children. Honey Select Unlimited is a VR eroge game that allows player to create a partner. There are different eroge genres and styles of the games. It doesn’t always revolve around Visual Novels. You guys will have to google and see what’s up. Did I mention that some video game hosting sites like Steam, Nutaku and others have them? There is a new article about Steam talking off uncensored games.

honey select unlimited character creation

What is love in adult games?

I understand Steam is a popular brand and protect their company’s morals. Steam can still distribute these game and censored them. Fans like me enjoy seeing hot girls in 2D (^_^). Indie developers made eroge too and I review a couple of them. There is The Angel Inn, Erinye, Foto Flash and Summer Trouble. They have listen to us ecchi and hentai fans cries. Erogo games make their way to arcades to video game consoles. I am surprise about eroge coming to arcade in a place that crowded with people. There is a PC9800 that have load of eroge content and games.

pachinko sexy reaction 2

When playing these games, players see a CG image of a girl posing in a sexual way. Some games have animated cutscenes like Viper series. Erogo can translate to OVA and series. Based on the sales of the dojin or video game. These games have a lot of fanservice depending on the direction of the game. Lets talk about character design of these games. There are different archtypes in eroge games. We have loli, childhood friend, older woman (teacher or drunk) and etc. Developers choose what characters that suits player taste and preference. Based on your choice in the game, you will get that person ending. You have already gotten to know her and spend quality time with.

Hot Gimmick Taisen

Do people think adult content in game is nasty?

There is a downside on adult games and we will think it’s gross. I have to say that “don’t listen to those people”. Yes, some of us are single and enjoy these games. We have waifus and support these developers to make more. Eroge have a community on the internet where we share ideas and insights. I hope more developers make these games. In this games, female characters are not afraid to show some skin. Nudity is art and should be embrace by us fans. Hopefully adult games will become stronger in the coming days. Will it drive you wild? Do you enjoy panties shots? What about extra thick girls? Make sure to check out Steam, Nutaku and more websites for eroge games.

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