Awesome Con 2019

Awesome Con 2019 – 80 Years of Batman Goodness

Awesome Con 2019 - 80 Years of Batman Goodness

Awesome Con 2019

Awesome Con 2019 was average unlike last year. Not a lot of people show up on Saturday. Maybe Sunday and Friday was the best. Well technically I brought Saturday day one ticket. Although I didn’t go to Batman 80 years but I got to meet Tara Strong. Tara Strong is one of my favorite female voice actress. She is known for Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls), Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) and Raven (Teen Titans). Tara Strong Q & A was conflict with Batman 80 years panel. I wished there were different times. Anyways, I was mostly in the game room checking out some retro games and indies. The indie that intrigue me is #BLUD and looks like a cartoon. There were others like Grumpy Witch, Valley of Shadow and Crescendo. All of these indies are well-crafted and fun. I have signed up for betas and email mailing list.


Awesome Con 2019 - Mega Cat Studios booth








There is more indies games to share. Frightshow Fighter made a appearance and remember covering this indie. I got a hands-on experience and really enjoy it. Osunia was a prototype and plays like Harvest Moon. Sneaky Ninja was cute and casually stealthy fun game. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch soon. Here is a flash from the past. Atari Adventure is recreated to have multiplayer. Do you remember the game from Ready Player One? Now, there is more players can play instead of one. Mega Cat Studios booth was mind-blowing with recreating NES and Genesis games. Check out these guys and other indie developers I have mention. There are some indies I have played last conventions that appeared at Awesome Con.


Less panels

I went to less panels than last year. Some of them didn’t interest me and I have skipped out. Steven Universe panel was fun with Susan Egan and Zach Callison. Afterward went to Star Trek: Next Generation Q & A in the main stage. I am not a huge Star Trek fan but enjoy their work on Gargoyles. Marina Sirtis stated that Jordan Peele was doing Gargoyles. I am hoping to see Jordan take on it. Will Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Jonathan Frakes were there at the panel. There were many more guest like Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery from The Office. Lou Ferrigho (tv show The Incredible Hulk), John Barrowman, Joh Bernthal and Kevin Sorbo. Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, William Zabka and Martin Kove. Weird Al Yankovic, Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and many more.



Stan Lee Memorial



Overall, I wished there were more interesting panels to report on. You guys might have a different experience than me. I am still hoping to next year or Otakon 2019. Afterwards, I went to see Avengers: Engame and it was amazing. Saturday was awesome indeed but hoping to experience new things. We have Blerdcon, Otakon and Anime USA. Overall, I had fun at the convention in general. Awesome Con 2019 could been better.



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