Neon Abyss and Spark the Electric Jester Indies Hands on



Neon Abyss


Neon Abyss is a rogue-like dungeon style shooter. The game is filled with unlimited items and dungeon evolving system. Players take control of a gunman, who fights a horde of enemies from the underworld. You can play the way you want and choose upgrades and paths within the dungeon. Players can unlock new rooms, fight bosses and endings. Just like a visual novel genre also special rules. You can change them depending on the choice you make. Each items have passive effects and you can apply them whatever you want. Neon Abyss have massive content with over 400 items, multiple playable characters and costume change. Find pets by hatching eggs with special skills and abilities. Mini-Games are available such as Fight Clubs, Dance Competitions and Piano Performances. Challenge gods such Bitcoins, Video and Power to challenge their rule. Hit that bar after each death.


Neon Abyss gameplay
Image: Veewo Games


Remember your goal is to find a cure of Immortality, My overall experience with Neon Abyss is vibrant and fun game. The soundtrack is techno-ish and crispy graphics. Although, it’s a beta version but it’s look amazing with lighting fast action. The weapons design is humorous and down-right rocking. I can see this game have replay value due to routes. Neon Abyss gives players control of their playstyle. I am hoping to see more of this game. It kind of reminds me of Enter the Gungeon for some reason. Support Veewo Games and play the demo. Neon Abyss will release in Q2 2019 and join Discord channel. Add this game on your Steam Wishlist and visit the website.



Spark the Electric Jester


Spark the Electric Jester is a 2D platformer that takes inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog and Freedom Planet. Players take control of Spark and loss his job to robots. One day, a robot named Fark took his job and decided to take over the world. Spark is on a mission to defeat the robots and get his job back. In Spark the Electric Jester, you can have forms such as knight, board, wind and more. Players can store them for later or switch. Spark can dash and wall jump to get through higher places. Fight bosses and play through different story modes. Compete challenges and different stages to explore. Spark the Electric Jester recreates the 16-bit era in platformers. Overall, Spark is a fun game that 2D platformer fans will enjoy.


Spark the Electric Jester gameplay
Image: Fepred Games


I am liking the different various form Spark dons. Reminds me of Kirby Super Star but Spark doesn’t have a copy ability. It feels and play like a Sonic game. Dialogue is humorous and quirky at the same time. The graphic is very colorful and clean design. Controls are very simple and easy to play. Sparks form give the game many option for playstyle. I think it’s a nice touch and stands out than Sonic the Hedgehog games. Support Fepred Games and buy Spark the Electric Jester on Steam. Relive the classic retro 16-bit plaformer indie game.


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