Huniepop – How to Get a Girlfriend Video Game Review




Huniepop Summary



Huniepop is a puzzle dating sim video game by Huniepot. The game is wildly popular seen it’s release. Huniepop is a very unique dating sim that’s not by in Japan. It’s a indie game and featuring full voiced acting. The plot is about a love angel named Kyu (who is disguised) to help you find love. Players will have to find girls and developed a relationship with them. Kyu provides insights and advice on how to win the girl. She gives the players a app that show girls preferences and hobbies. Kyu sends messages and very funny character. There is two phases which is interaction with each girl and learning more about her. Second phase is dating which results in tile matching and puzzle-like Puyo Puyo style. While talking with each girl, based on your choices. How will the girl coming to react to.


Jenny Date
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There are 6+ girls to get to know. You can give them food, items and drinks based on their preferences. For example, Jessie loves to drink and her strong trait is sexuality. Aiko loves going to Casino and she is a University Teacher. Audrey is a hot-headed girl who rants about life. Beil loves meditation and relaxation. Tiffany is a college student and loves education. Those are preferences that girls have. While traveling through places like Mail, Fitness Centers and Bars. The girls will have different outfits while interacting and dating. If you fail at your date, it’s back to square one. During dating, players must match five passion tokens expect for heartbreak (purple). Each token represents dating, yellow is for extra moves and means joy. Red is sexuality and passion is pink. Light blue is sentiment and blue means talent.



Chick magnet



If you have successful dates, players will get a CG images of the girls. You can views these in the gallery on your app. Player’s goal is to become a ultimate chick magnet. Also helping Kyu getting cool points and make her popular. Note: There is some adult content and language in this game. It’s not suitable for children under 18. The goal of the game is interacting and dating much girls as possible. You might take one home if you do well. Huniepop is very easy to play and funny dialogue. Overall, I enjoy this game and love dating sim. It have a blend of visual novel with puzzle elements. There is some lewd moments like knowing girls measurements like chest and height. If you manage to get first base with her. She will tell you those measurements. The designs of the female is average and some very curvy.


Huniepop - Akiko
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Audrey I really hate due to her Tsundere personality. Jessie I love and Aiko as well. There is some uncensored images of the girls around the net. Huniepop is date night got wrong. Players will spend time buying gifts and food for the girls. You will run out of Munie very fast as well with time. Depending on the time of day, evenings and night. You will find yourself getting into conversation that will let you in the bedroom. Some maybe a hit or miss but players will get a kick. I can’t wait to play Huniepop 2 went it releases. I found myself laughing at this game with quirky dialogue. If you want a great dating sim, buy Huniepop right now. Huniepop is available on PC on Steam.



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