Sabrina the Animated Series Xabrina Warrior Witch Episode 49 Review

What is Sabrina the Animated Series about?

Sabrina the Animated Series is based on the Archie Comics Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There is a couple of animated shows and live action. The story and plot is about a teenage girl named Sabrina Spellman. She is a witch and lives with her family. Sabrina has a familiar named Salem who talks and a warlock. Two immortal aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman. Her uncle Quigley who doesn’t have magic. Uncle Quigley is a original character from the show. There are other characters like Harvey Kinkle, Gem Stone and Chole (Sabrina school friend). In the series, Sabrina tackles on being a witch and trying to fit in. She uses magic to fix problems and learn her lesson at the end. Sabrina the Animated Series episode 46 revolves around video games and VR. Let’s start with Xabrina Warrior Witch episode.

Sabrina the Animated Series Xabrina Warrior Witch
Image: DIC Entertainment Corporation

Here is a summary of the episode. Harvey is at the arcade and trying to get the high school. A man named Mr. MBA approach Harvey to find a beta tester to try out his new game Myths, Monsters and Mayhew. Harvey accepts the deal and Sabrina is worry about him. Chole and Sabrina finds out that Harvey is stuck in the game. Sabrina calls Vicious Games and MBA is unavailable. She finds out that Harvey needs help. Chole and Sabrina comes inside Myths, Monsters and Mayhem game. The duo must complete challenges and get the reward to win. Note: Sabrina can’t use her magic in the game. Sabrina and Chole meets NPCs that help the duo. First is Aunt Zelda who is Athena and gives them insights.

Warrior witch

Salem is a sphinx and Quigley is a centaur. Lastly, they meet up with Aunt Hilda as Aphrodite and loves beauty. Lucky Chole and Sabrina reach the tower. Mr. MBA is the final boss and finds Harvey as Sparta. MBA uses his magic to replicate himself and Sabrina defeats him with magic. Sabrina and Chole successfully rescues Harvey. The assistant of the game or programmer tells them about bugs in the game. That’s how the episode ends and plot b is Sabrina family playing cards. Mr. MBA is in Sabrina’s bag. Overall, the episode was average and tackle dangers of VR. Harvey is a gamer that wants the best high score. Video game addiction is dangers from being shut out of the outside world. These is just a cliche’ of being stuck inside a game.

Sabrina, Chole and Harvey
Image: DIC Entertainment Corporation

The episode is a parody of Xena the Warrior Princess. Sabrina is a strong female character with a few flaws. She is a child and not a adult. She is not ready for the real world. Myth, Monsters and Mayhem is a rpg like video game. Vicious Games is a parody of a bad video game company. This is not the only cartoon that have a video game episode. Sabrina the Animated Series is a fun show and teen drama. I would recommend to fan of the Archie Comics. This is the same animation that did Archie’s Weird Mysterious. Sabrina the Animated Series is available now on Dvd on Amazon.

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