40 Years of Gaming How We Came far in Decades


40 years of Gaming in the past


Video games have come along way in decades. Having no internet telling you how to be a video game. Looking at strategy guide for hints and tips for video games. Going into a friend’s house or play with a sibling. What about no online gaming but local multiplayer. There were no 720 and 1080 HD games back in early 80s. Esports were small back in 70s but not mainstream in the present. Live streaming gaming have not a thing in late 70s. You have to watch your friends play a video game. Gamers will have to wait for your turn to play. People will do that until this day. Remember going into a video arcade and putting in quarters to play. During the 80s arcade games come to consoles.


Pac Man
Image: Bandai Namco


Video games consoles when playing arcade games, players have limited lives. During arcades, you have to put in quarters to continue. During the 80s, when buying a video game console, you have to buy games and accessories. Some accessories are brought separately when buying game like Battle Clash on SNES. Duck Hunt requires players to buy NES Zapper for the game. Games like Mario Paint were you need a Super NES Mouse. Super Nintendo Entertainment System also allow user to play Game Boy games with an accessory. In Atari days, the first game people play is pong. Afterwards video games transition to Pac-Man then Super Mario Bros. First, there is joystick to control and play the game. Fast forward in the present, it’s gamepad and controllers.

Computers are apart of gaming

Video game consoles and arcade are not only started the trend. Computers were the pioneers in the industry. Even if the first video game console was pong. Spacewar opened the door to pc gaming. Although video game don’t started in 1970s but in 1940s. The term video game is used differently back in those days. Core concept is video signal transmitted into cathode ray tube that creates rasterized image on the screen. The term computer games were called electronic. Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr and Estle Ray Mann idea behind cathode ray tube was inspired in World War II radio displays. It’s now called Cathode-ray tube amusement device, which player used to turn knobs to direct the beam.


 40 years of gaming - Spacewar
Image: Wikipedia


In the early, 90s went buying a computer game. You don’t have to worry about getting a new PC. Although, RAM and hard drive space is very crucial. Players will have to buy a sound card because it was not built in your computer. Buying a joystick and mapping it in-game. Don’t forget floppy disk and CD drive. What about using a command prompt to start a game. Computer have less accessories than video game consoles. Nowadays, people download computer games off the internet like Steam. Purchase stronger gaming pcs with graphic cards to play mainstream games.


Super Street Fighter II snes
Image: Capcom

Present day in video games

40 years of gaming in the present, video games have become money-making phenomena. Gamers live streaming most popular games. Multiplayer has change to playing with others online than of local. Video game graphics are more crispy and life-like. Game developers still use 8 and 16-bit to make video games. Retro games still being played and remembered by gamers. Esports is becoming popular in the video game community. Survive video game crash of 1983 but market sill saturated. There is a debate on what video game era is better retro or present. In my opinion is both because retro games are inspired game developers to make it their own. A lot of developers are influence by Mario, Sonic, Metroid, Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Image: Ubisoft


Gamers could make a career out of playing video games. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer extended their arms for gamers. What about playing competitively in tournaments? You can became a professional gamer team make money. Even, video games have controversial issues in the industry itself. I just want to thank the game developers, without their hard work. We gamers wouldn’t have it in our life and enjoy them. Money is everything in gaming, due to updates and expansions. Game developers listen to fans and try to make it better. What will happen in the next 40 years of gaming?


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