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Jump Force – Need Improvements and Patch Video Game Review

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Jump Force – Need Improvements and Patch Video Game Review

What is Jump Force?


Jump Force video game is based on manga magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine features big name manga series like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. This game is celebrating their 50th anniversary of the magazine. The IP is developed by Spike Chunsoft who brought you J Stars Victory Vs. There are more Shonen Jump crossover games out right now. The main plot or story of the game is. There is a rift between real world and Jump universe. Unknown beings called Venoms want to take over both worlds. Director Clover and Trunks from Dragon Ball put together a team to save them. Jump heroes and villains are at war with controlling both worlds. The game is a 3 vs 3 tag battle with share life bars. Unlike J Stars, all six characters are not on-screen at once.


Jump Force Characters



Each characters have four attacks and awakening (some). There are 40+ characters in the game with their abilities. Different mechanics are included in the game such as pursuits. Pursuits take up your stamina and chain combos. There is two attack buttons for different combinations. More offense techniques such as awakening moves, charged attacks and more. Defense techniques like high counters, evading and blocking. Note: there is only one assist button and tag. Jump Force main hub is Umbra Base with your created avatar. When first start of the game, player have a choice to create a character. Later on you have to buy items, skills and many more.

Jump Force create a characters

More gameplay and features

In single-player mode, player can go on missions and choose a team. There are three factions Alpha, Gamma and Beta. Luckily I have played the open beta and it was okay. Don’t worry on how to play Jump Force. The game have a tutorial missions to keep you up to speed. After completing missions, your character will level up. Upon leveling up in-game, you earn currency which use to buy stuff. If you feel lost, there is a in-game map. Instead of running like a chicken with no head. Player can choose vehicles to explore. There is offline and online mode in Jump force. Offline is playing with a friend or cpu. Online has ranked, friendly and quick match. There is clans in this game as well.


Jump Force Jotaro gameplay

Overall, there is a lot of problems in Jump Force. The roster is not diverse and over-crowed with Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. I understand there are big three best-selling mangas. We need more like Gintama, Assassination Classroom, Hitman Reborn and more. The story mode is stiff and flat with lifeless animation. There is lackluster of voice acting in the game. Loading times is long (patched) and frustrating controls. I feel that tag button should be on the right analog stick. Assist should be on the shoulder buttons. The graphics range from average and jarring. I see why people think this game is trash. Although the combat is fun and fast-paced.

 Story Mode

Force is not strong

Jump Force doesn’t feel like a 50th anniversary game. Bandai Namco is releasing patches to fix the game problems. J Stars Victory Vs did a better job with that. I feel is that the game is incomplete just like Street Fighter V. The roster is robust then J Stars and fans will embrace it. The presentation is not bad but needs work. There is dlc coming but was leaked. I am still hoping for season 2 dlc like Xenoverse. Speaking of that, the game took inspirations from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I like the damage system which characters clothes get ripped. It took a realistic approach just like manga.

 Umbra Base


Players can assemble a team and have a blast. People will get bored with this game easily. I am hoping Spike can fix this game. Don’t get me wrong Jump Force is a average game for anime fans. What will happen in the next Shonen Jump crossover game? If you love One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto buy this game. Jump Force is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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