Is Bioware Shutting Down

Is Bioware Shutting Down or Doomed Company Due to Development

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Should Bioware Deserves a Second Chance and Mental Health Workplace


What is Bioware?

Bioware is a video game company that brought you Mass Effect, Anthem and Dragon Age. They have work with EA for years. Although Bioware has a string of controversy during development and throughout the industry. Kotaku put out an article about their recent run in with Anthem. How Anthem was bad and didn’t live up to gamers. There are some people enjoy the game went watching on Twitch. Things are happen internal within Bioware. There are reports of employees quitting Bioware due to mental health, Due to large amount of crunch time, staff work their behind off. Employees had to take “stress-leave” because of poor management. Crunch time occurs went developers get no rest and have to stay overnight. Red Dead Redemption 2 did that and game got great reviews. Anthem uses Frostbite engine along with Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Anthem gameplay


There is controversy about Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes and characters. Back on topic, Frostbite engine is a rival to Unreal engine. In the article, I guess it didn’t do well. Anthem was developed for years and there was some obstacles. The game is about people who wear exosuit to fight monster. It got some elements like Destiny with customization. Although, Anthem have flaws such as crashing on PS4. Gamerader calling the game “unfinished” and others called it “frustrating repetitive”. Don’t forget the long loading time. Anthem was not the only game facing troubles. Remember Mass Effect 3 ending scandal. People was not happy with the game’s ending. Bioware release Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut with new endings and no additional charges. Fast forward, Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t hit home with fans.


Mass Effect 3 Ending


Changes may come

Andromeda animation was un-apealling and felt not finished. Fans didn’t like the game and took to Social Media. There were patches for lip-synching and fast movement. Bioware did put all this behind them and move on. They might change their development workplace and get a new engine. Do you think Bioware deserves a second chance? I hope they didn’t layoff some staff or might get shut down. I don’t agree with employees breaking down crying and creating a toxic workplace. Treat people that wants to be treated. Understable that making games have a certain deadline. Don’t push your workers over the limit. If Bioware can fix bugs and their engine. I think Bioware would be on the right path.


Dragon Age inquisition


Yes I had problems with EA and not Bioware. These companies have a long way to go. If they don’t fix their act before it too late. People still play Mass Effect, Dragon Age and many others to this day. Video game industry changing drastic and rapidly. Games and engine does have bugs and needs fixes. 2019 some video games feel unfinished like Jump Force, Dead Or Alive 6 and more. Patches may save games like Street Fighter V. I am guessing that developers want to release games early. Probably forgot what is important with time and hard work. Will Bioware change their style? I would love to see it happen in the future. What are your thoughts on the situation? Comment down below and share this post.


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