Remembering MS Dos Games Nostalgia Bomb for PC Gamers


What is MS Dos Games?



MS Dos games is the golden age of PC gaming. In the 1990’s, MS Dos is a command prompt for Windows 95. This innovated program was made in 1981 and developed by Microsoft. MS Dos was very difficult for new users but advance programmers. It’s not your typical operating system but vast production. In 1980s Microsoft need a operating system for IBM Personal Computer and hired Tim Paterson. Tim brought in MS Dos 1.10 for $75,000 in July. MS Dos was originally named 86-DOS for a while. The operating system is incensed to over 70 companies. Dos was designed for internal devices, boot loaders and other devices. Due to the success of MS Dos in 1995, it was replace Window 95 as OS kernel. Dos was great for programmers for inputting commands. For beginners, we will have a hard time with it.


commander keen
Image: id Software


My experience with MS Dos was in the mid 90s. I went to a computer show and sell that year. My dad picked up some CDs with shareware games. When I got home and play some Doom and Wolfenstien 3D. There were obscure games that were bad and sloppy. On the weekends, I spend a lot of time with them. There were other games like Sango Fighter, One Must Fall, Rayman and Worms. These were shareware demos and you will have to buy them. Some requirements were getting CDs and Floppy Disks. I am happy I was old enough to buy them. There were some games I wished to play. Fast forward to adult years I have to the money for purchase. There is a platform called Steam that have MS Dos games on them.



Dos will live on


MS Dos maybe forgotten amongst gamers. Retro games will have a memory in my heart. There is a emulator or program called DOSBox. DOSBox can emulate games from that era. You might need some programming skills. That being said, I brought some Dos games like Toonstruck, Leisure Suit Larry and The Secret of Monkey Island. I will do a review on Toonstruck and Monkey Island soon. There are more in my wishlist on Steam. Note: I have bills to pay and keep a roof on my head. Hopefully one day, I will buy some more retro games. From point n click to fighting games genres, there were a lot of choices. MS Dos games have prestige programmers and developers. Define chiptune and classy music that fit the mood.


The Secret of Monkey Island : MS-DOS Games
Image: LucasrArts


Frustrating error and no sound card. I been there and hopefully will look past that. There is some honorable mentions like Jazz Jackrabbit, FX Fighter, Lost Vikings and many more. I would check these games out. Dos will live on in my memory and will yours. There were MS Dos games that transition to Amiga, SNES and other retro consoles. If you want to relive MS Dos days, freeware games online. A database called Abandonware DOS website to check out. Play with your hearts content and make memories. Retro gaming is meant for kids who grew up in 80s and 90s maybe 70s. Dos is really nostalgic for me and you.


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