Overwatch Lucio Ohs | Eat the Healing Beat Cereal Review


What is Lucio Ohs?


Lucio Ohs is a cereal that features Overwatch support hero Lucio. Lucio is a funky music-lover from Brazil. In gameplay, Lucio have two abilities like Crossfade speed and heal. Player can switch between two modes at anytime. Kelloggs is apart of this cross-promotional with Blizzard Entertainment. Do you guys remember Super Mario cereal? I did a review about that product if you can to check it out. Lucio Ohs is similar to Cheeros. There are green and yellow circles in them. The flavor have vanilla artificially sweetness. Lucio Ohs have 110 calories, 0 saturated fat and 150 sodium. There is a special Loot Box boost for in-game content. Users get a free loot boost until 1/30/20. There is a couple of steps to take. First, buy Lucio Ohs at your local retailers. Take a picture of your receipt and send it to KFR.com/LucioOhs.



Lucio win pose
Image: Blizzard Entertainment



Sign-up and register on the website. Submit your receipt separately within 30 days. Get a Overwatch Loot Boost in-game that grants you three times level. Note: Loot Boost will come within 72 hours of your receipt submission. I don’t how to put it on your console or PC. It might prompt you to register what platform. There is some cool create your own Lucio Skin. If you have a artistic bone, make yp your funky design. If you want to share it use #LucioOhsSkin. Want listen to some Lucio jams? Visit www.Luciomusic.com by 12/31/19. The album is called “Sinestesia Auditiva” with 10 tracks and free to download. If you want more detail about Lucio Ohs content. Players will have to look on the bottom.




Amp it up

Lucio oh takes very good and loving the character. The ohs is a bittersweet that will heal your morning. You will have to pump up the volume for this. It first I was not huge fan of Lucio. After controlling him and months of practice. He is one of my favorite support heroes. I also use Moria and Zenyatta ( you will not be forgotten). If you are a Overwatch fan and found this ridiculous. I feel sorry for you and that’s your problem.



Sinestesia Auditiva
Image: Blizzard Entertainment


If you want to try Lucio I would recommended it. Lucio doesn’t have much fire-power and a low damage hero. His support abilities makes up for it. He has a push back and heals all teammates. Lucio Ohs is a feeling that you will love to heard. You might listen to music while eating it. I am hoping to see more cross-promotional cereals with Kelloggs. Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Lucio Ohs is available on Target, Walmart and Amazon.


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