DeathComing and Plantera – Garden and Souls Hands-On Indies


What is DeathComing?



DeathComing is a non-linear Final Destination indie puzzle game.  You are collecting souls for the Grim Reaper. Blending with Isometric and top-down perspective camera work. The goal of the game is collect as many souls to win. Compete objective kills and execute your plans. While you are reaper’s little pet. Players can interact with environments to cause deaths. Be careful victims will panic and run away from danger. DeathComing teaches you the ropes like chaining death combos. There are called “Death Trap” and you get points for them. Death traps can be activated by clicking on certain ones. Don’t worry if you are stuck. There is a hint button to tell where they’re. Each act gives you three objective kills. If you complete three objective kills. The player can win the level. Deathcoming have a sense of crude humor. It’s like you’re playing god.



DeathComing gameplay
Image: NEXT Studios



The game is over the top black comedy. DeathComing have well-depth character sprites and graphics. There is some lewd humor like spying on aliens. The death dialogue is funny and depressing in a way. I really love this game in a nutshell. Playing the reaper is never good or bad. The controls are simple and easy to learn. DeathComing has vast playability with a casual tone. You control the fate of people. Gathering souls might be evil and causing someone demise. The reaper is the good guy. A agent of light is the antagonist of the game. If you’re a causal gamer and love crude humor. I would give this game a try. DeathComing is available now on Steam.


What is Plantera?



Plantera is a garden building simulation indie game. The game is a endless gardening building. If you quit the game, your blue helper collect coins for you. These blue helper put up and harvest vegetables. Also well as fruit and supervise your garden. The goal of the game is to expand your garden. There are critters that will disturb your progress. You can hit them with a hammer or scare them away. Once you plant your trees on a open space. You will unlock new trees and plants to grow. Make sure to collect as many coins as possible. You can use a net to catch butterflies. Leveling will give you a scarecrow for birds. Guard dogs for ground gritters. Many possibilities to make a wonderful garden.


Plantera gameplay
Image: VaragtP


Plantera is a chill indie game without game over.   The graphics is vibrant and well-drawn pixel art. You can find yourself playing for hours and never get bored. Garden lover will embrace this game. The controls is simple clicker game. There is lack of story but gameplay makes up for it. Plantera is a very relaxed and easy to play. I would pick this game up for plant lovers. Plantera is available for Steam, IOS  and Android.

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