Princess Lover – Middle Class to Upper Society Anime Review



What is Princess Lover?



Princess Lover anime is based on visual novel video game by Ricotta for PC and PS2. The plot revolves around Teppei Arima, a middle class high school boy that lives with his adopted family. Teppei real parent has been murdered and wealthy grandfather. While Teppei going to visit his grandfather, he runs into Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. He rush to save Charlotte from ruthless thugs and rewarded with a kiss. Teppei is introduce his grandfather Isshin Arima and become an overnight celebrity. He meets other heroines Sylvia Von Hossen, a beautiful skilled swordsman and Teppei’s fiancé. Seika Hojoin is a famous model and have a grudge on Arima Group. Yu Fujikura, a devoted maid of Arima Group and skilled hacker. These four heroines have a kindle relationship with Teppei throughout the series.


Princess Lover visual novel game
Image: Ricotta


As series progress Teppei goes to Shuuhou Gakuen academy for wealthy. He learns to blend in and become a model student. Seika starts off an antagonist and berates Teppei for no reason. Later Arima reconciled with Seika and allow to sell her products with Arima Group Corporation. The reason Seika was disoblige at Arima Group is because Teppei grandmother affair with her father. Resulting Isshin cut ties with his wife and Hojoin. Isshin appointed Teppei as new manager and Seika was ecstatic. Teppei and Seika revolved a longtime feud between Arima group and Hojoin. Hojoin develops a feeling for Teppei and let him in Society Club. Earlier Seika prevented Teppei from joining.


princess lover anime
Image: GoHands



Downside of being rich



Princess Lover tackles issues on diplomatic and drama. Charlotte get kidnapped three times in the series. I already explain the first kidnapping. Second is Arima Group hotel went Teppei invited her to dinner. Third, is explained went main antagonist Hartmann Bezelheim want to take Arima Group down. Hartmann was a pickpocketer and tires to steal from Isshin Arima. Josephine is Hartmann assistance and future wife. Hartmann doesn’t care much about until the end. Arrange marriage is a minor issues in the show. Charlotte and Sylvia was not happy about marriage until Teppei good nature impress them. Sylvia and Teppei have outstanding swordsman skills.


episode 12
Image: GoHands


During the meeting at Arima hotel, Hossen and Arima talk about neutral weapons. That’s what anime take a political turn and expanding business. Three heroines help Teppei rescue Charlotte from “The Truth”. In closing, Princess Lover is a bright and classy anime series that fans would enjoy. GoHands handled the animation and very glossy character design. It’s a typical 12 episode harem anime and glamorous setting. Fanservice is astray and blend with overall genre. I would recommended this for folks who played the visual novel. Unfortunately I don’t play the game but watch the anime. Princess Lover is available on DVD at Amazon.



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