Apex Legends Vs Fortnite Battle Royale Recom Squad Games

Apex legends vs Fortnite Building and Recon Squad Games

Apex Legends vs Fortnite battle royale

Apex Legends vs Fortnite are both battle royale games. These video games are very popular amongst gamers. Apex Legends was recently announce on Twitter last week. Streamers can’t wait to get their hands on it. A popular Fortnite streamer Ninja was on top of Twitch page already. Respawn Entertainment the developers who created TitanFall is involved. The gameplay has an inspiration from Fortnite (go figured), Gear of War, Halo and many more. The concept is be the last squad standing. Players have to be in a squad. There is no duos and solo (if player drops out). You can play a legend in the hub, but have to wait your turn. Each Legend has one skill and ultimate. Unlike Overwatch and Paladins that were 3 skills. There is a mechanic called “Jumpmaster” which you guide your team on a certain spot.

Apex Legend Gameplay

If you are not jumpmaster, it’s optional to follow or not. While on the ground, you can ping locations, gear and etc. You and your team search for loot like PUGB and Fortnite. Players can only carry two weapons like Destiny. When you’re defeated by the enemies in battle. Your squad mates can revive you by going to a beacon. First, you must acquire teammates banner to bring them back. There is wall climbing and care packages for more loot. When you defeat a opponent, there is a finisher to execute. You can get their loot and gear. Apex Legends is just a starter will have more to come. It does have loot boxes for unlocking skins and legends. We will talk about Fortnite that inspired this game.

Apex Legends Loot

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Overwatch Lucio Ohs | Eat the Healing Beat Cereal Review

Overwatch Lucio Ohs Eat the Healing Beat Cereal Review

What is Lucio Ohs?

Lucio Ohs is a cereal that features Overwatch support hero Lucio. Lucio is a funky music-lover from Brazil. In gameplay, Lucio have two abilities like Crossfade speed and heal. Player can switch between two modes at anytime. Kelloggs is apart of this cross-promotional with Blizzard Entertainment. Do you guys remember Super Mario cereal? I did a review about that product if you can to check it out. Lucio Ohs is similar to Cheeros. There are green and yellow circles in them. The flavor have vanilla artificially sweetness. Lucio Ohs have 110 calories, 0 saturated fat and 150 sodium. There is a special Loot Box boost for in-game content. Users get a free loot boost until 1/30/20. There is a couple of steps to take. First, buy Lucio Ohs at your local retailers. Take a picture of your receipt and send it to KFR.com/LucioOhs.

Lucio Ohs Loot Boost

Sign-up and register on the website. Submit your receipt separately within 30 days. Get a Overwatch Loot Boost in-game that grants you three times level. Note: Loot Boost will come within 72 hours of your receipt submission. I don’t how to put it on your console or PC. It might prompt you to register what platform. There is some cool create your own Lucio Skin. If you have a artistic bone, make yp your funky design. If you want to share it use #LucioOhsSkin. Want listen to some Lucio jams? Visit www.Luciomusic.com by 12/31/19. The album is called “Sinestesia Auditiva” with 10 tracks and free to download. If you want more detail about Lucio Ohs content. Players will have to look on the bottom.

Lucio Ohs Cereal skin

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DeathComing and Plantera – Garden and Souls Hands-On Indies

DeathComing and Plantera - Garden and Souls Hands-On Indies

What is DeathComing?

DeathComing is a non-linear Final Destination indie puzzle game.  You are collecting souls for the Grim Reaper. Blending with Isometric and top-down perspective camera work. The goal of the game is collect as many souls to win. Compete objective kills and execute your plans. While you are reaper’s little pet. Players can interact with environments to cause deaths. Be careful victims will panic and run away from danger. DeathComing teaches you the ropes like chaining death combos. There are called “Death Trap” and you get points for them. Death traps can be activated by clicking on certain ones. Don’t worry if you are stuck. There is a hint button to tell where they’re. Each act gives you three objective kills. If you complete three objective kills. The player can win the level. Deathcoming have a sense of crude humor. It’s like you’re playing god.

DeathComing gameplay

The game is over the top black comedy. DeathComing have well-depth character sprites and graphics. There is some lewd humor like spying on aliens. The death dialogue is funny and depressing in a way. I really love this game in a nutshell. Playing the reaper is never good or bad. The controls are simple and easy to learn. DeathComing has vast playability with a casual tone. You control the fate of people. Gathering souls might be evil and causing someone demise. The reaper is the good guy. A agent of light is the antagonist of the game. If you’re a causal gamer and love crude humor. I would give this game a try. DeathComing is available now on Steam.

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Princess Lover – Middle Class to Upper Society Anime Review

Princess Lover –Middle Class to Upper Society Anime Review

What is Princess Lover?

Princess Lover anime is based on visual novel video game by Ricotta for PC and PS2. The plot revolves around Teppei Arima, a middle class high school boy that lives with his adopted family. Teppei real parent has been murdered and wealthy grandfather. While Teppei going to visit his grandfather, he runs into Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. He rush to save Charlotte from ruthless thugs and rewarded with a kiss. Teppei is introduce his grandfather Isshin Arima and become an overnight celebrity. He meets other heroines Sylvia Von Hossen, a beautiful skilled swordsman and Teppei’s fiancé. Seika Hojoin is a famous model and have a grudge on Arima Group. Yu Fujikura, a devoted maid of Arima Group and skilled hacker. These four heroines have a kindle relationship with Teppei throughout the series.

Princess Lover visual novel game

As series progress Teppei goes to Shuuhou Gakuen academy for wealthy. He learns to blend in and become a model student. Seika starts off an antagonist and berates Teppei for no reason. Later Arima reconciled with Seika and allow to sell her products with Arima Group Corporation. The reason Seika was disoblige at Arima Group is because Teppei grandmother affair with her father. Resulting Isshin cut ties with his wife and Hojoin. Isshin appointed Teppei as new manager and Seika was ecstatic. Teppei and Seika revolved a longtime feud between Arima group and Hojoin. Hojoin develops a feeling for Teppei and let him in Society Club. Earlier Seika prevented Teppei from joining.

Princess Lover episode 5
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Top 5 African American Characters In Video Games

Top 5 African American Characters In Video Games Black History Moth

African American characters in video games

As you know it’s Black History Month and I know there is a majority of White protagonist in video games. What about the minority groups who take up the role of the hero, villain and supporting? I am counting down top 5 African American characters for Black History Month.

5. Franklin Clinton – Grand Theft Auto V


Franklin Theodore Clinton

Franklin is a former gang banger who want to make big money to get out the projects. He is one of the three protagonist along with Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa. As a African American man he is stereotype as a thug in a projects especially in the black community. Franklin is doing what black should be doing getting a real job instead of selling drugs and going to jail. He does care for his friend Lamar Davis for example saving him from a rival gang called Ballas and he lives with his aunt. Franklin is also voice by Shawn “Solo” Fonteno (Having not worked as an actor since The Wash) Fonteno ask Ned Luke and Steven Ogg for acting tips. I pick Franklin because he want to get out of that gang life and young black males can related to him.

4. Lee Everett – The Walking Dead

Lee Everett

Lee was a college professor at University of Georgia and afterwards send to prison for murdering a man for having an affair with his wife. While being transported to prison walkers came and manage to escape and find Clementine (will be the protagonist of season 2 and 3). Lee plays a role of the father figure of Clemetine and he is the voice of reason to the group on doing what is right. He is portrayed as modest and kind to others, Lee Everett voiced by Dave Fennoy and a great leader of the group of survivors.

3. Zack – Dead Or Alive Series

Zack from Dead or Alive

Zack is a DJ who uses Muay Thai boxing style and he is an eccentric person who participate to earn money.He owns an Island named after him (that what the Xtreme series takes places) and is the host of the DOA 5 tournament along with Helena Douglas (save her from a burning building). He has a love interested in Tina Armstrong (she is hot btw) but never return his feelings, Zack is voiced by Keith Silverstein (DOA 5) and Khary Payton (DOAX2-Dimensions),. Zack is what black enterprise want to invest in money to build your own business and make something of yourself.

2. Riley Abel – The Last of Us

Riley Abel

Riley was a member of the Fireflies and has a close relationship with Ellie. In Left Behind DLC Riley and Eile met at a military boarding school and became BFF afterwards. The Last of Us American Dreams, Riley is described as “an extremely strong personality. Who also support Eile no matter what and one of the first African American LGBT character in video games. Riley Abel is voiced by Yaani King and Riley was a great supporting character for Elie and great friend.

1. Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

Barret Wallace African American characters

Barret is the leader of eco-terrorist croup called AVALANCHE to stop a megacorporation Shinra. He takes care daughter Marlene (who is adopted and her real father is Dyne). People compare Barret to Mr.T. He dislikes the main protagonist Cloud Strife. Barret is voiced by Beau Billingslea, fights with a gun-arm and speaks in slang. He listed as of the best sidekicks in video games.

More African American characters in the future

Those are my picks and I am sure there are more about there and I know we as African Americans we are portray poorly in media but in video games we can take on any role. We need more African American characters in video games.