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Latest Gaming Equipment


Latest gaming equipment I have will revamp your recording and streaming experience. I will give you the rundown on how to get gaming equipment. First off, getting gaming gear and equipment requires money. You have to work and invest in some top of the line gear. Look at the big YouTubers and Twitch Streamers rig. That’s what you called “Streamer rig”, which consist on mouse, keyboard, microphone and chair. Streamers get donations to get a graphic card, new laptop and etc. Technically speaking that viewers want a great experience. In Social Media, streamers apply for sponsorships for promoting brands. It’s called “Affiliate Marketing” which Streamers and YouTubers get commission from sales. Let’s say someone click on the Affiliate link on your Twitch panel or website. If that person decide to buy that item. You will get a cut from the profit.



Gaming setup
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The profit may range from 5% to 20% sales. Take Gamestop game sales, I remember Troy Baker stating them in Anime USA. Gamestop gets 60% of game sales and video game developers get 80%. I might be wrong (correct me in the comments). Gamestop is an advertiser and affiliate marketer. They’re selling products from other brands to stay afloat. I am not a big time gaming store like Gamestop. Gamestop is a giant and well-known company. I am just a publisher of a gaming blog. However, I am a Affiliate Marketer and do promote gaming brands. One day, I am hoping to get sponsors and help brands. You don’t have to have a website for that. Promote them on your YouTube channel in the description. Also on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive traffic.



Equipment I have


Enough about buying gaming gear for your PS4, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo Switch have some gear to purchase in retails. Without further ado, here is what I have (screenshot above). First, SteelSeries gaming mouse which is the best for shooters and pc. SteelSeries Rival 110 Mouse have buttons on the side with a distinctive design. It glows in the dark and feels comfortable. The price is $29.96 which is reasonable for a mouse. What will be a mouse with a pad? HyperX Fury S mouse pad has a silky vibrant feel on your hands.




 SteelSeries Rival 110, Custom TrueMove1, 7,200 CPI, 240 IPS, Prism RGB, Optical Gaming Mouse
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The price is $29.99 which is the same as SteelSeries Rival 110 gaming mouse. You can get whatever size you want like. I don’t get Fury S and Rival 110 on Amazon but Best Buy. Next is microphone called “Blue SnowBall”. Blue SnowBall is a crystal clear mic that emulate great quality sound. A lot of people badgering me to get it.


Computer game gear

In the near future, they have to donate some money. I don’t mind suggestions but you have to not upset me. You don’t anybody buy sometimes they don’t have the funds for. Alright back to Snowball, the price is $55.99 but you can find a cheaper one. Next, up a computer monitor called Insignia”. Insignia is a monitor that I had for 8 years. It still is operative until this day. You might find it at Walmart for cheaper price. Gaming Keyboard called Havit Magic Eagle Game Series which I got for Christmas last year.


Havit Magic Eagle Game Series
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This keyboard glows with chromic colors like SteelSeries Rival. The best keyboard I ever got but it replace my Logitech one. Havit Magic Eagle Game Series cause $34.99 and comes with a mouse. I didn’t get a mouse but the keyboard. It still a great keyboard to use. You will have a lot of UBS cables while connecting them. I got a USB splitter for all cables that couldn’t fit in the computer.



Wrap up


My suggestion is High Speed USB Hub Combo – Timesway 6 Ports for $9.99. For recording and streaming, I would suggest getting a cheap laptop that runs Nvida, Intel and AMD Radeon. With those graphic card, you can run OBS and Xsplit. Lastly, Elgato HD Capture Card this is vital piece of recording and streaming. You can stream as well but I recommend OBS and Xsplit streaming software. The price is $179.99 I would look for a cheaper alternative. If you don’t have the funds for it. Stream on Xbox One and PS4, although it got limitations. Backtracking to monitors, it’s optional for second one. I am not that fond of two monitors.


Elgato Game Capture CARD
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Gaming chairs is optional and headsets. In closing, having a hardcore gaming experience is cool. Showing it off in Social Media is fab. We customers love top of the line products. That’s the term called consumers in a nutshell. We love expensive things and sometimes cheap. You might find them in Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Amazon. Invest wisely and look for better deals. Cyber Monday have deals on electronics but only once a year. I would love to see your gaming setup and equipment. Talked about mines already but I hope you get the idea about gaming equipment.



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