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Spiderman 2018 vs Batman Arkham Knight?



Spiderman 2018 vs Batman Arkham Knight is two of the hottest super hero video games of all time. Both video games play similar to each other. They’re often compared by fans and critics alike. Spiderman is based on Marvel Comics book by the late Stan Lee. Batman is based on DC Comics created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. These are the two iconic comic book characters in decades. Well, I am here to talk about two video games in general. Both games are well-made and faithful to comic book fans. First I brought Batman Arkham Knight on a certain day that celebrates Cape Crusader. It’s called Batman Dayand they had a sell on PSN. I brought Batman Arkham Knight for $29.99 price and took awhile to download. After waiting I got a hands on experience and love it.



Batman Arkham Knight Nightwing and Robin
Image: RockSteady Studios


Years of playing Batman Arkham series, I would say it’s the best. Everything in a Batman game I always wanted. Playing the Bat Family, adaptation of comic book storyline and award-winning voice actors. I have completed the game and doing a second playthrough on my channel. Spider Man 2018 I got for Christmas last year and was about to pick it up. I glad I got it anyway and all that Jazz. The game is amazing and got a Arkham series feel to the game. Before I played 2018 video game of Spiderman. I went to the movies and saw Spider Man into the Spidey Verse. Spidey Verse movie was a gem and homage to comic series. Start to finish I would say “go see it” if you’re a spidey fan.


Dark Knight rises


Batman Arkham Knight is the conclusion of the trilogy game. There will be no more Arkham games for a while. Rocksteady did a amazing job and did Cape Crusader justice. Arkham Knight video game sets a man turning into a hero for justice. Unlike previous video games, players can drive Batmobile car. You can summon it instead of grappling on cities. There is armor upgrades and skills that players can unlock. Also instead of controlling Batman, there is Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. Batman’s rogues gallery of villains makes a entrance. The scarecrow is the main antagonist of Arkham Knight. Harley Quinn is playable and play a minor role. Poison Ivy is portray as a anit-hero and Arkham Knight (Jason Tood) himself.


Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile
Image: RockSteady Studios


There are more villains such as Two-Face, The Riddler and Penguin. Players can do side quests and unlock for abilities. Batman Arkham Knight have dlc that have side stories for Robin and others. There is a expansion to face more villains such as Killer Croc, Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze. Arkham Knight have Batman costumes from past and present from comics. Battle system is refined and responsive in Arkham Knight. Batman is a stealth fighter which he can use multiple take downs. Hide in vents and hang thugs on posts. His gadgets is for solving puzzles and tricking enemies. Sadly, there will be no Batman game like this ever.



Here comes the Spiderman

Spider man 2018 gameplay
Image: Insomniac Games


Spiderman 2018 takes inspiration from Batman Arkham Knight. Insomniac Games took notes from RockSteady Studios in developing this game. Web slinger is back and faster than ever. In the game, players take control of Peter Paker, Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales. You explore parts of New York and do side quests. Side quest revolves stopping robberies and working for Dr. Otto. There are many more to do for exp. While farming for exp, players unlock new abilities for Peter. That’s not all, upgrading your suit too. There are Spider Man suits from the comics in this game. Combat system is alittle Arkham-ish but more faster.


spider man 2018 mary jane Spiderman 2018 vs Batman
Image: Insomniac Games


There is not counter system but spidey sense. Spidey sense is triggered with a thug is shooting at you. Spider man can heal and uses different types of webbing. Spidey have a rouges gallery as well. Villains such as Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture and Electro. 2018 Spiderman video game is a wild ride and puts you into the shoes. There is DLC for Spiderman as well.


What are my thoughts on both games?


Spider-man and Batman video games are the best. I can’t choose which is better in my opinion. The graphics look amazing and vibrant. Kevin Conroy and Yuri Lowenthal did amazing job voicing these characters. There is a lot of replay value in both games. Marvel and DC Comics are in steep competition with each other. I would say buy both games and see for yourself. Spider-man 2018 video game is available now on PS4 at Amazon. Batman Arkham Knight is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at Amazon.


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