Video Game Cosplay – New Ways to Express Your Love


What is video game cosplay?



Video game cosplay is a new way to express yourself and represents the characters your love. The term Cosplay comes from Japanese portmanteau following two words costume and play. Nobuyuki Takahashi attended WorldCon in 1984 and was impressed and happy of fans in costumes. Takahashi chose to coin a new world masquerade meaning “aristocratic costume”. People think cosplay is only for anime convention and comic con. That’s not the case but what about Halloween which only happen once a year in October. Cosplay has been a world-wide trend in geek culture. Whether you are a otaku, gamer, scfi and brony, there is a lot of cosplayers throughout convention.


Cosplay is not consent
Image: Comic Con


Japanese is known for cosplaying such as maid cafés in Akihabara in Japan. World Cosplay Summit which is held in Japan, where cosplayers from around the globe to show off their best cosplay. It doesn’t matter what race or gender show off your favorite cosplay for that characters. During convention, if you are cosplaying someone will come up to your and ask “Can I get a picture?” 5 times out of 10 you might say yes. Take a photo of the cosplayer and say thanks. Some predator might get to frisk with cosplayers whether that person is male and female.


Rules and norms about cosplay



There is a rule that cosplay is not consent, which harassment does happen at conventions. Don’t let no one touch you inappropriately if you don’t know them. Report to the authority or con staff for any sign of conduct. Cosplay has different variations such as gender bending, crossplay and different take on the character. Making costumes is very expensive for a pacific character you are cosplaying for. Materials such as fiber, woodworking, hair color, contact lenses and many more. There are video tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn how to make cosplay costumes.


Junko from Danganronpa by Jessica Nigri
Image: Jessica Nigri


Speaking of making money, if you are a passion about cosplaying become a model. There is well known cosplay models such as Jessica Nigri Yaya Han, Stella Chu and more. Build your brand and nowadays cosplay uses YouTube to gain a following and companies can scout them. Cosplaying as a video game characters is just like dressing as your favorite anime, TV series and other characters. There are number of video game conventions such as PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), TwitchCon, Gamercom and MAGFest. Freedom to expression to love a video game character is a great thing. Cosplay to your hearts contents and game on! I don’t cosplay myself but I am impressed by the craftsmanship people put into it.


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