Blue Dragon Anime – Heart of a Shadow Warrior Review



What is Blue Dragon Anime?


Blue Dragon anime is based on Xbox 360 video game by Mistwalker and Artoon. Video game was the first jrpg in Microsoft Xbox. Blue Dragon video game plot is a group of adventurers fight a evil Kingdom with shadows. However, the anime have a what if story and original plot then video game. In the video game, Shu, Kluke and Jiro were childhood friends. Anime adaptation is Jiro is traveling with Zola. Jiro is not childhood friends with Shu and Kluke. Blue Dragon anime put some elements from the video game into the story. Shu is a protagonist that wants to become a knight and reckless. Zola is the leader of the group and voice of reason. Her motives are unknown throughout the coarse of the series. Jiro wants to become strong and rival of Shu. Zola and Jora relationship is master/apprentice.


Blue Dragon Xbox 360
Image: Microsoft Game Studios


Later on in their journey fighting the Grand Kingdom. Shu and the group meet Maromaru ( he is different than his game counterpart). A new character from the anime is Bouquet. Bouquet is a maid with self esteem issues and have a crush on Shu. She is a tribe that turns invisible after taking their clothes off. Her shadow is a Hippo that transforms into anything. Speaking of Shadows, the group retains from the video game. Shu has Blue Dragon but had a hard time controlling him. Kluke gets hers at the tomb. Phoenix could protect and heal others. Maromaru’s Tiger shadow moves super speed. Jiro manatoro is more offense like Shu Blue Dragon and Zola killer bat.



Extra seven warrior


During their battle with Gran Kingdom, the group finds out about extra seven warriors of light. Zola and the gang find clues about seven warrior. There is a rumor that Nene is the seventh warrior but I will leave that to you. Gran Kingdom members from the video game appear like Szabo and Deathroy. Deathroy is a little creature that repeats everything Nene says. Nene wants to rule the world and sucking energy from people. In the anime, there are man-made shadows created by Gran Kingdom. New to the anime series is a group led by General Logi to defeat the group. There are rivals of Shue and the company.


Shu and the warrior
Image: Viz Media


There are some supporting characters like Homeron, Conrad and Delphinium. Overall, Blue Dragon anime is 50+ episodes and more in-depth than source material. The shadows are not CGI but outline very good. If you are a fan of the game check this series about. Blue Dragon opening is very unfitting with the action sequence. Studio Pierrot made the character design more colorful. It greats to see Akira Toriyama touch in this anime and retains his style. Soundtrack is the same as the video game making it faithful. Blue Dragon anime is available now on Dvd at Amazon.


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