Variable Geo OVA – One Million Dollars and Real Estate Anime Review

What is Variable Geo OVA?


Variable Geo OVA is based on Giga and TGL fighting game. The plot is about VG martial arts tournament to see who is the strongest. Winner of the VG tournament gets one millions and real estate of their choice. Each fighter is represented and sponsored by a family restaurant. Loser will have to strip and perform sexual acts for humiliation. VG is a all-female cast like Arcana Hearts, Asuka 120% and many more. However, Advanced Variable Geo 2, there is one male character in that series. In my opinion, VG ova takes place off Advanced Variable Geo 2 after Tamao and Yuka defeated Reimi’s mother Miranda. The OVA has 3 episodes and very short series. I would suggest you play the video game. Let’s talk about the characters in Variable Geo OVA. The main character is Yuka Takeuchi, she is a waitress at Hannah Miller.


Advanced Variable Geo PC Engine
Image: TGL and Giga


Yuka is a Ryu clone of the series. Even her theme music in Super Variable Geo. Ryu will sue Yuka for that theme. Just kidding, even her moveset is a homage to Ryu’s. Yuka wants to get stronger and fight her rival Satomi Yajima. Satomi Yajima is the Ken Masters of VG. She wants to save her little brother and face Yuka. Later on, she gets controlled by Jahana group and Miranda. All of your favorite cast from the game appear. Jun Kubota is a masculine wrestler who fights Yuka. Later on, gives her a ride and befriends her. Manami is a bubbly little girl who loves sweets. Other characters that play minor roles is Chiho, Erina Goldsmith, Ayaka and Kaori.


Victory of the goddess



Reimi plays a huge role and has a tragic backstory. Erina face prejudice in Japan amd Satomi wants to be strong. There are some male characters like Damion and Prime Mister. A mysterious old man is a questionable. He might be Yuka master I really don’t know. Overall, VG Ova has some fanservice and nudity. This anime is not suitable for children at all. Variable Geo anime opening gives a summary about the plot. If newcomers doesn’t what the game is about. There is some troupe such as Yuri, becoming stronger and etc. Chaos Project is apart of the production and the animation is plain. Variable Geo ending is the major characters with nude body. It reminds me of Queen Blade ending theme with female characters.


Image: ADV Films


I didn’t see anything wrong with this ova. Although I was having trouble with the story. What takes place after Super V.G or Advanced Variable Geo. I wonder if Ryu and Yuka meet up to fight. OVA is a cake walk and for ecchi lovers. Fans who play the source material who recognize characters moveset. VG is not the only video game adaptation feat fighting tournaments. If you want to watch the anime by all means. Variable Geo fans will take it with a grain of rice. Female fighters taking glory and money will leave fans cheering. Another note: The ova doesn’t explain about Levels in the VG tournament. Buy Variable Geo OVA dvd on Amazon.

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