Fortnite Dances – Lets Boogie Down or Cringe Worthy Breakdown

What are Fortnite Dances?


Fortnite Dances is a fun twist that Epic Games implemented in their game. Dances ranging from Carlton Bank Fresh Prince Dance and Backpack Kid Floss. Although there is some lawsuits going around Epic Games didn’t have permission to use them. Epic Games look for inspiration and paying homage to them. I am pretty sure Epic Games did ask some dancers for permission to use. Judging by the controversy I am guessing some people was not happy with it. In Fortnite, players must unlock dances while completing challenges. If you are a paid tier, that player will unlock various dances. Players can perform them in-game and loadout screen. There is some original dances in the game. Others are from different types of people who perform them. Epic Games is not stranger to controversy.


Image: Epic Games


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground filed a lawsuit against Epic games for copying them. That’s another story for the time being. Epic Games sue quality assurance tester Thomas Hannah for leaking Season 4. There is one considering mods and cheats. YouTuber Golden Modz (Brandon Lucas) is sued by Epic Games for account hacks and cheats. Epic Games sent a cease & desist letter to FNBRLeaks for revealing upcoming features. Fortnite is still the most popular last man standing game right now. A lot of Twitch Streamers getting their hands on it. There is some rising star like Ninja who got famous playing Fortnite competitively. Even if there is nothing wrong with making the game fun. Using emotes is basely interacting and being social.


What do you take away from this?



Fortnite can be enjoyable in a nutshell. The lawsuits will keep Epic Games going. The Fortnite community will still grow in the future. I would suggest try doing those dances at the club. Maybe Fortnite might put the Harem shake in their future seasons. The game has built a foundation (no pun intended) on being innovated. Creativity and expressing yourself is a great thing. Sometimes it got downside to things. To Epic Games make sure to ask permission to use those dances. Doesn’t try to profit out of somebody works. I am going to quote Smokey Bear “only you can prevent lawsuits”. I understand you need to make money and have fun.


Floss Dance Fortnite
Image: YouTube


Epic Games keep up the good works on Fortnite. I hope to see more content and stay away from controversy. Fortnite will always find ways to be different as a IP. Having pets and driving caddies with your squad mates. How about birthdays and mascots fights? Fortnite looks for make creative ways for player’s experience. Some dance are a bit cringe worthy I admit that. Players will still enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. Dance is a form of art and video game falls into that category too. Fortnite is available now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.



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