Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review


What is Yumeria?



Yumeria anime is based on Namco dating sim video game. The plot of the game is revolves around 16 year old boy named Tomokazu Mikuri. Tomokazu lives with his cousin Nanase Senjyou, who he has perverted fanatics for. Mikuri is a awkward and narrow person in the game. He is the protagonist of the video game and anime. Yumeria video game have a blend of visual novel and rpg. The game was not released in outside of Japan. Tomokazu one day falls asleep and wake up in a dream world. He meets a blue-haired girl named Mont. Mone is the priestess of sleep and has no dialogue other than repeating her name. After walking up in the dream world, Mikuri was surprise that Mone was beside him in the real world.



Yumeria PS2
Image: Bandai Namco



Nanase playful jokes about Mikuri bring girls in the house. In Yumeria anime, Mikuri meets other girls in the series. Mitsuki Agatsuma is Mikuri’s childhood friend and a very timid girl. Neneko is a curious girl who has a reverse reincarnation persona called Netio. Neito is a woman from the future that explains the plot to the viewers. She gives a summary about the dream world and alien race the Feydooms. Feydooms are the main antagonist of the series. They want to take over the real world by crossing over from the dream world. Nanase is the caretaker and easygoing woman. She takes care of Mikuri after his parents passed away from fighting the Feydooms. Nanase have a alter-ego named Silk in the dream world.



Real vs Dream


Later on Mikuri meets Nanase sister named Kouyou and a priestess who wield the Arrow of Destiny. Tomokazu is a destiny of transformer, He was transform the main female characters into magical girl senshi. Nanase, Mone, Kouyou and Mitsuki each have a color-clad outfit and special attack. Together Tomo and the girls find the Feydooms and save the world. In the dream world, Tomo pervert antics kicks in. Which is a recurring gag in the anime. Mikuri have multiple love interest in the show. Even Nanase and Kouyou are related but loves him. Neneko wants calls Tomokazu “Darling” and her catchphrase “really it is”.


Yumeria anime
Image: Sentai Filmworks


Mitsuki is concern about Tomokazu well-being and develops a crush on him. Mikuri later learn about Nanase, Kouyou and Mone role to fight the Feydooms. Each girl have a weapon going with the color of their costume. Life outside the dream world is topsy. Mikuri is having girl trouble with girls and boys. His teacher Mister Ishikari despise Mikuri due to being around girls. Ishikari is very antagonistic toward Mikuri in the series. Tomokazu may be a goof-ball at heart but very caring outside. He wants to live in peace with his family and friends. He also stood up to the Head of the Household.



What are my thoughts on Yumeria?

Yumeria is a delightful and fun show. The soundtrack is like walking on the street on a peaceful day. Anime itself has mild fanservice and over the top humor. Studio Deen does the animation and its early 2000s style. Personally I have not played the game but anime is very short 12 episodes. Mikuri is a typical troupe perverted main character. I like Neneko due to her personality and she does appeared in Project X Zone 2 support character. Overall, Yumeria is a average series and I watch the English dub of the series. I enjoy the upbeat opening theme and character design.


Monet and Neneko
Image: Sentai Filmworks



Fun fact: There were some homage and reference of other Namco games like Taiko the Drum and Genpei Toma Den. Yumeria is developed by Namco that would make sense. I would give it a watch for a typical harem and romance anime. Yumeria is available on Dvd on Amazon.


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