Dreamcast Collection – Fishing, Drivingand Dancing Video Game Review



What is Dreamcast Collection?


Dreamcast Collection is a series of compilation video games from Sega era. Sega Dreamcast is a short-lived video game console in 1998. It was considered sixth generation of video game consoles. Dreamcast had little games in video game market. Sega Dreamcast was a unique system with built-in modem for online gaming. VMU stands for Virtual Memory Unit similar to a PS2 memory card. Virtual Memory had pets in Sonic Adventure. Vibration function similar to Rumble Pack in Nintendo 64. Microphone which you can talk into for games like Seaman. Dreamcast controllers like closer to Xbox in a distinctive way. I remember having a Dreamcast in my childhood.


Sega Deamcast
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There were games I have played like House of the Dead 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Even some games I have not owned yet  Hoping that Sega released a Dreamcast classic like NES, PlayStation and SNES. Enough with the fanboy moment, lets dive right into Sega Dreamcast Collection. I brought the steam version and there is one game that not on Dreamcast. Nights into Dreams was not on Sega Dreamcast. The game is about a Nightmaren named Nights who rebel against its creator Wizeman to stop him from talking over Nightopia. One day, two children named Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair who suffers from negative emotions. The two journey to Nightopia were they meet Nights. Will they stop Wizeman from talking over the real world and Nightopia.


Nights into Dreams



Nights into Dreams is not a platformer. It’s flying across loops and defeat enemies. In the starting game, player select different paths of levels. Each divide into four along with a boss. The goal is to get all four Ideya spheres to win the level. Obtain those Ideya spheres. Collect a certain number of orbs. Destroy the cage that imprisoned. Nights can drill dash to drive faster and paraloop to destroy enemies. Player can collect powerups and grab enemies to throw them. Each level have a time limit. Nights will desync and the player must resync to continue the level. After completing the level, you will be graded on your performance in-game. Grading system ranges from A to E make sure you get a higher grade to win.


Nights Into Dreams gameplay
Image: Sega


Boss fights have time limit. The timer will runs out. The dream will be over. That means game over and will have to start over. Special note: Nights have a Christmas-themed level for the Holidays. The game have multiple endings depending on two paths Eliot and Claris. There is a multiplayer mode splitscreen which you play as Nights and Reala. Nights into Dreams is the most magical game I have ever played. There was not game like this in long time. Mixing in 2D to 3D polygon sets standards for this game.  Sonic Team did just that and I was amazing with the soundtrack as well. Nights OST is very somber and enchanting that you are in a dream world. Controlling Nights is like flying airplane and relaxing. Nights into Dream is a classic for retro fans of Sega Saturn.


Jet Set Radio



Jet Set Radio is a game that revolves around spraying graffiti and skating. The plot is a group of mischievous youth called GGs causing trouble in Tokyo. The narrator DJ Professor K tells the players who is happening in the story. Jet Set Radio is about marking your turf from rival gangs. There is one interference from Dojima and his Police Force. Jet Set Radio plays like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with a hip twist. Player control of the GGs to go different places in Tokyo and mark your turf. There are red arrow indicating to spray on walls, buses and etc. Depending on the canvas size it takes longer to spray. Smaller canvas takes  2 minutes. Larger prompt a quick time event. If you miss, player will lost their spray cans.  Player collect different color spray cans. Red is for health went talking damage.


Jet Set Radio gameplay Dreamcast Collection
Image: Sega


Blue is refill to spray graffiti on different parts in the city. Yellow is Graffiti souls can be collected as well. GGs find recruits throughout the game, first player must prove themselves. You have to pull off and copy the same thing.  That person will join you. Jet Set Radio is a hip video game featuring a blazing soundtrack. Don’t worry about learning how to play. The first level will show you how the game works. I have played Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox and it’s not like first game. The cel-shaded design makes the game stand out with appraise background. Music fits the gameplay like Pizza toppings for free-spirited motif. Jet Set Radio puts hip-hop, rock and soul into it’s fans alike.




Crazy Taxi



Crazy Taxi is a funky and humorous arcade game. Player must drive customers to their destination in a certain time limit. If you perform terrible, customers will give you a bad rep. The game is very simple and fun. Based on your performance you can expanded the time limit and earn fare. There are only four characters to choose from and attributes. Player choose up to two modes arcade and original rules.  Kenji Kanno stated. “Time extension on gameplay was a breakaway of the current 100 yen for 3 minutes”. “3 minutes time for arcades games and rewarded players with long for performing well”.


Crazy Taxi gameplay Dreamcast Collection
Image: Sega



Kanno wanted to explore daily life and routine of a taxi driver. Mini games was incorporated in Crazy Tax as well. Crazy Taxi is a over the top driving game. I had fun listing to customers talk trash to my driving. I remember seeing this game  never played it. Now I got a chance, Crazy Taxi is one of those game that will tickle your funny bone. I am guess  Uber don’t take not of this. If you love wacky Taxi driving and crashing into other cars. Fans will remember playing this in the arcades or Sega Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi is all over the place and irate customers.




Space Channel 5 Part 2


Space Channel 5 Part 2 is the sequel to the first game. The plot is Space Channel 5 reporter Ulala face off against Rhythm Rogues. Rhythm Rogues kidnaps people and force them to dance. It’s up to Ulala to stop the Rhythm Rogues and their mysterious leader Purge. In game, player must mimic dance moves to get higher rating. If you miss dance moves rating will go down and Ulala will fell less energy. The play successful mimics dance moves not only you will save people.  You will get higher ranking and stars to prevent game over. Losing all of your star power will result in game over and start where you left off. Ulala must save civilians and fight bosses to complete her report.


Space Channel 5: Part 2 gameplay Dreamcast Collection
Image: Sega


Space Channel 5 did have Michael Jackson in the game fun fact. Ulala is a little similar to Hastune Miku. I might do a crossover blogpost about Ulala and Hatune Miku one day. Ulala is back with her mic and blaster ready to save the world. This space reporter is ready to shake her groove thing. The game is hard takes practice. Space Channel 5 Part 2 is wacky and filled with light humor. It takes you on a space trip to funky town. Part 2 will make you keep stop.



Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut

Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut is a enhanced version of the first game. I don’t see the difference. The plot is Sonic is chasing a being known as Chaos. After the battle Sonic and his friends search from the seven Chaos Emeralds. Will Sonic  get emeralds? Sonic Adventure is a 3D platformers. The game features spin dash and homing attack for chaining enemies. Sonic Adventure doesn’t feature acts like the older games. There are action stages and Adventure Fields in the game. Sonic is the only playable character in adventure. Players choose Amy Rose, Tails, Big the Cat, Knuckles and Tails with different skills.


Sonic Adventure DX - Director's Cut gameplay Dreamcast Collection
Image: Sega



If players are stuck and doesn’t know what to do. There is a glowing red ball that explains mechanics of the game. Player can collect special items. Light shoe can flash through line of rings. There is minigames and interacting with townspeople. Explore different character stories and path in the main story line. Players solve puzzles and completing levels for higher grade. The soundtrack is very adventurous and wilding. Sonic Adventure is a spirit child of the franchise. Player doesn’t always want to control blue hedgehog. There are different various activities in Adventure DX. Sonic Team known for translate 2D to 3D throughout the years. Sonic Adventure DX holds a special place in fans hearts.



Will Dreamcast live on?



Sega Dreamcast Collection will live on and brought use great games. Do you feel like dancing in Space Channel 5 Part 2? What about running around the city with Sonic Adventure DX? How about driving in Crazy Tax? I forgot the mention Sega Dreamcast Collection Bass Fishing video game. Sega Bass Fishing is about finding a spot to catch the biggest fish. All you have to do is choose a lure and reel went fish bites. Bass Fishing is similar to Crazy Taxi far as game modes. All I have to say it’s very fun and relaxing for a video game. Sega Dreamcast Collection is out on Steam and Xbox 360.


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