The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Indie Games Hands-On




What is The Angel Inn?


The Angel Inn is a visual novel indie game developed by DdreamGames. These are the markers of Dungeon Dreams video game. The plot of the game is you are a traveling Swordsmen hired to be a bodyguard for Merchant’s Guild. You Stumbleupon The Angel Inn where you meet a pretty girl named Shea. Shea is the owner and caretaker of The Angel Inn. Not only you meet Shea, there is another adventurer named Faylin. Faylin is a typical tsundere personality and a sharp tongue. Rosebella is a musician and a noble woman who hate the Guild. Your adventure is in four days and it’s time to relax in The Angel Inn. The player choose to hang out with 3 girls and interact with them. There are 3 parts of the day.


The Angel Inn gameplay
Image: DdreamGames.


Morning, evening and night, make sure you use them wisely. Note: this game for 18+ with lewd dialogue and content. The Angel Inn have 5 multiple endings and different character route in-game. Artstyle of The Angel Inn is very clean and elegant piece. Soundtrack is very chill and relaxing while staying at The Angel Inn. I really enjoy the demo and can’t wait for the full version. Rosebella is the best girl and can’t wait to see more of her. If you love visual novel make sure to play The Angel Inn demo today.


How to get a girl in Dungeon Dreams 



Dungeon Dreams is a rpg about conquering floors to get a certain treasure. The game features a dialogue tree. Depending on your choice, you will change the storyline. Each character have 3 classes and sub. In battle, learn different skills based on your class such as healer. Choose ninjascout, scoundrel and many more. Player can creator their own character and have town their from. You can unlock different classes throughout coarse of the game. NPCs will react to your class affecting story.


Dungeon Dreams gameplay
Image: DdreamGames.


Along with unlocking classes there are 250 skills. Engage in mini-games and side quest. Here comes the fun part, meeting npc girls and have a relationship. Recruit characters to join your cause and fight. Interacting is important and build your own home. Buy furniture and makeover your home. There are jobs for making money to spend on equipment and items. Take a journey in Ecallia and get to know townspeople. Dungeon Dreams have fluid combat and zealous cast of character. I hoping to do a part 2 on my lets play of the game. Make sure to play Dungeon Dreams demo and support the developer.


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