Pac Man Ghost Light and Magic Eagle Havit Game Series Review


What is Pac Man Ghost Light?



Pac Man Ghost Light is based on Namco Bandai video game franchise. This product is based on Pac Man enemy “The Ghosts”. Pac Man is a old school iconic video game where you have to eat grey ball to win. However, Ghosts will stop you from completing the level. In order to defeat ghosts. There is a special ball to eat and send them right back into the middle. Let’s talk about the product in general. Pac man Ghost Light is easy to plug-in to the computer and wall. It It comes with two components, a micro usb cable and ghost light. There are different modes to choose from. Party mode which change colors with different types of music. Original mode which doesn’t react to music but changes. There is another term color phasing mode for original.


Pac Man Ghost Light
Image: Ebay



In order the light to react to music. Users have to turn the sensitivity dial for quiet and loud music. The product is developed by Paladone and there is another Pac Man Light out there. Overall, you will need a Ipad changer to plug into the wall. I got this from my older sister in Christmas last Tuesday. Loving the design and shape of the ghost. It has a retro pixel art feel and very light. Pac Man host Light is for all ages 8+. I hope to have find with this product in the near future.




What is Magic Eagle Havit Game Series?


Magic Eagle Havit Game Series gaming keyboard is the latest mode of the HV-KB391L series. This gaming keyboard have a color keys and computer functionality. Magic Eagle Keyboard can toggle between songs and volume control. Users can check email with a certain key at the top. There is a home page button and computer button. Magic Eagle have 19 anti-ghosting keys and sleep mode. Users have different combinations pressing Fn+F1 and etc keys. The product has a user manual for troubleshooting.



Magic Eagle Havit Game Series
Image: Google


Magic Eagle Havit has a mouse as well. This keyboard is user from professional esports. Also works on Windows XP/2000/8/7/10 and mac/linux operating systems. The keyboard is easy to plug in with a usb. Overall, Magic Eagle is amazing and glows in the dark. Dimensions is 484.5×207.5x32mm and weight 758g+5g. Service life is 10 million clicks and backlight 200MA. Now I will save my Logitech keyboard for a backup. I will have fun with this product in the future. Make sure to buy Pac Man Ghost Light on Amazon. Along with Magic Eagle GavitGame Series gaming keyboard on Amazon.



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