Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

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Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

What is Dabkick?

Dabkick app is a live streaming service which allows user to share their shows with viewers. Think of it like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. If you are a live streamer then this is for you. Dabkick reach out to me on Instagram and had a Google Hangout. One of the developers walk me through the process about the platform. Users can embed YouTube and other video platform URLs. Connect your Twitch connect to get extra viewers. Start a show and have multiple hosts. There is an option for entry fees and ads to monetize your show. User could connect their webcam and microphone. Viewers could support the broadcasters and streamers with dabcoins. Dabcoins could turn into real currency similar to Twitch Affiliates. Dabkick is not about streaming video games but different events.




Magic shows, podcast and many other events are welcome to the platform. Dabkick have a chat to interact with viewers. Emotes are available and multimedia sharing like photos. Music is shareable as well. It works on IOS and Android for live streaming as well. You have to download the app on Apple Store and Google Play for phone users. Want to expand your audience and market yourself. Dabkick is a place to share and connect with your viewers. If you look for extra income for your live shows. I think gaming live streamers will check this out. Hopefully it will continue upgrading the platform in the future.


What are my thoughts on the platform?

Dabkick Mobile Website


I am still trying to connect my twitch account in Dabkick. Still trying to embed my url but didn’t work. Hopefully I am still looking forward to using the platform. I will have to contact one of the developers for insights on the url problem. In my opinion, it’s a great platform to use like Periscope and Facebook live. Make sure to support Dabkick on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the website for more details. Don’t hesitate to contact them for question and concerns about the platform. I wanted to say thank for reaching out to me. I am looking forward using the platform in the near future.


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