PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition – Which Big Three Will You Buy?


What is PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition?



PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition are dedicated video game console and a replication of the original. If you are born in the 1990s and 1980s. These three consoles that gamer grew up with. I have grew up with all three NES, PS1 and SNES. It was so nostalgic growing playing up playing Super Mario (first game I played). Transition to Street Fighter 2 on SNES and Final Fantasy VII for PS1. Nintendo released two retro console in the present. NES Classic Edition replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Classic Edition have your games such as Mega Man, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. The design of the NES Classic is smaller than original console. In total, there is are 30 preloaded games with original NES controllers.



NES Classic Edition
Image: Nintendo


NES Classic Edition brings out 8-bit goodness and plug outside the TV. All you have to use is a HDMI cable and AC Adapter. Fun fact: Wii remote, Classic Controller and other are compatible. I don’t know about Nintendo Switch. Next up, SNES Classic Edition is just like NES but with different features. SNES Classic less games than NES. There is 21 preloaded games such as Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, Star Fox and Super Metroid. SNES Classic have a new feature called rewind, allow user to replay suspend points. It comes with two controllers from original Super Nintendo Entertainment system era. Just like NES Classic Edition, there is HDMI and USB cables. SNES is back with 16-bit glory and use save points.


Snes Classic Edition
Image: Nintendo


What are more plug n play systems?


PlayStation Classic is the last of the three. PS1 classic have less games than NES and SNES. The total is 20 included Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Twisted Metal. Miniature system comes with two wired controllers and a virtual memory card. HDMI cable is allow for plugging it up to the TV. Here comes a new challenger it’s Sega Genesis Flashback. Sega Genesis Flashback have 85 games larger than PS1, NES and SNES Classic Edition. This product comes with two controllers and a HDMI cable. I would give Sega Genesis Flashback a buy if you’re a Sega fan. Atari Flashback 9 Gold – Electronic Games have over 120 games larger than Sega Genesis, SNES and PS1 Classic. Flashback 9 gold comes with two wired controllers and HDMI output cable.


PS One Classic
Image: Sony



I have wonder will there be others? What about Gamecube classic or Nintendo 64 flashback? How about PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast and original 2001 Xbox? That’s my wish for those to get a plug-n-play video game console. What should you buy? If you are a fan of 80s-90s video game consoles. The price is no brainer and will relive your inner childhood. I am hoping to see smaller replica console like NES, PS1 and SNES. That leaves with couple of question, will you able to stream it on Twitch and YouTube? Probably could if you can connected to OBS like just Xbox, Switch and PlayStation consoles. I am happy that video game developers release these old school retro consoles. Hoping to see in the near future. SNES Classic is available on Amazon along with NES and PlayStation. In my opinion I would buy all threw consoles.


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