Gunslinger Stratos The Animation – Fight for the Future Anime Review


What is Gunslinger Stratos The Animation?



Gunslinger Stratos The Animation is a third-person perspective shooter developed by Byking and Taito. The plot is about two parallel worlds fighting for control of their future. Gunslinger Stratos video game is mainly two team shooting each to win. The game reminds me of Virtual On with two types of gun styles. Side and Tandem style, which characters uses certain skills in combat. The team with zero health loses and other wins. Although Gunslinger Stratos doesn’t hit video game consoles but only in arcades. I wanted to see Gunslinger Stratos in consoles one day. In the animated series, the storyline is very different. Tohru Kazasumi had a dream about a mysterious girl warming him about the future. He goes to school with his childhood friend Kyoka Katagiri.


Gunslinger Stratos game
Image: Square Enix


Kyoka is a easy-going girl who hates her brother Kyoma. Kyoma and Tohru relationship was very rocky but later acknowledge him. Katagiri family has a bodyguard named Shizune Rindo. Shizune always called Lord due to respect for serving Katagiri family. Shizune has a older sister named Olga Rindo, who is a instructor of Tohru and Kyoka. Later on the series, we learn about Tohru past and his parents died in a car accident. He always wanted to help others and very timid on doing things. Later on Tohru followed the girl in his dreams into a factory. Tohru falls into parallel world and confront his future self. Kyoma, Kyoka and Shizune arrive at Frontier S. Tohru and Kyoka meets Dr. Ohdner, he explains about Timekeepers. Timekeepers are gods from their worlds and keep it under surveillance.



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