Video Gaming Internet Speed – How Stable is Your Connection


What does internet speed affect gaming?



This is a topic I want to talk about for a while.  Video gaming internet speed plays a huge role in online. Depending on your connection and wallet, you will not get a great experience. In the recode website, there is a graph of different types of speed in the US. Washington DC have the highest internet speed and Michigan is lower. I lived in the DC area and my connection is less than 1 mbps, which is the lowest. My internet provider is Verizon and I can’t upgrade, unless I go to another company like RCN. I am also stream on Twitch and YouTube Gaming. My experience is a see-saw, there is two examples of online gaming and connection speed. First, example is about online gaming without OBS.


My Speed test
Image: Speed Test Ookla


During my Overwatch let’s play recording I don’t have any problems or lag in-game. In OBS Studios, I receive some lag and drop frames. After running a Video gaming internet speed test, my internet connection is around 0.77 and cause slow down on multiple devices. I did some research on how to get around it and making progress. As of today, I am still experimenting on OBS Studio settings and trying to find a sweet spot. In Frontier, having a great ping means more responsive connection in-game. Ping rate is reaction time of your connection and how quickly it receives. It’s a stream of data spending information in and out just like a computer. No one wants gameplay lag and slower loading time because of faulty modem or connection.


What’s good a speed for pc and console gaming?


Referring back to Frontier page, 1mbps connection are more important for online video games. There is a downside, gamer will get latency issues like Battlefield 1. Let’s talk about internet speed for console gamer. In Frontier, Xbox One User internet such be around 3-6 mbps for first person shooter game. Frontier recommends 6mps for playing Halo (I don’t anybody play that game anymore). They have added that communication software like Discord or Skype take up bandwidth. Make sure to have a good ping for responsive time during gameplay. PS4 is the same as Xbox One recommended connection speed. PC gaming 6mps or above is what you will need for MMORPG and other games. A number lower than 6mps will result in ping lag and latency problems.


3-6 mps online gaming
Image: business frontier


Never stream on wireless because overcrowding packer loss and high response times. It makes download and uploading more slower. The wireless router may cause interference with other devices which are connected. Wired is the way to go, get an Ethernet cable and connected to the router. That way nothing can’t interfere with your connection. Simplify Digital have steps to improve your internet connection without lag or ping. Online gaming is very fun and interact with fellow players around the world. Players may experience problems in online gaming but don’t care. People pestering me about getting upgrading my internet connection. I have contracted Verizon and told me that you can’t upgrade. We gamer need the internet to have a great time and make new friends. Make sure to add me as a friend on Steam and PS4.


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