Top 5 Social Media Sites

Top 5 Social Media Sites That Increase Traffic on Gaming Website & Blog

Top 5 Social Media Sites That Increase Traffic on Gaming Website & Blog

How to grow on Social Media?

Are you tired of low traffic and no one playing attention to your blog? There is a couple of things I have learn while researching online. I like to give an honorable mention to ShoutmeLoud for giving tips on growing my blog. These tips and social media might work for fashion, website SEO and other bloggers. I don’t know about video game website and blogs. I tried it and prove them wrong that you can grow on different social media sites. Sky is the limit, gaming market is saturated and very hard to grow. We gaming blogger could excel like any other niche. SEO is a key element and play major role in a blog. What about sharing it to audiences in your niche?


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Do you want reader from different niches reading your gaming blog? I don’t think so, play it smart and safe in social media. In social media, people outside your niche follows you. How will you response to that? Will you not follow that person? In that situation, I would check out that person and engage with that person. For example, your niche is gaming and a SEO specialist follow you on Instagram. That specialist sends you a dm about promoting your brand. Will you take it? Probably, it’s your decision or choice to deal with. Enough rambling, let’s get right into meat of the blog post. Top 5 social media sites that will increase traffic on gaming website and blog.


5. Facebook

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Facebook is another good way to promote blog post. Make a business/fan page on the website. Include your real name profile as well. There is a Facebook widget and plugins to add on your website or blog. I don’t know hashtags work but tagging page and people will work. For example, I am writing about Indies of the week on my blog. After I am finish with it and I share it on Facebook. I write a description stating “support these indie developers @indie company and might get shares on Facebook. All I did is tag people from different groups and companies. Another method is to go on Facebook Groups but I don’t want to use my real name account. If you are a brand, use Facebook business get more traffic by creating campaigns. Facebook is another way to gain traffic on your website.



4. Other social network sites

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StumbleUpon is a site that different niche join to earn traffic. Make sure to sign in and create a page on your website to promote. I would use Tumblr and Linkedin as well. Make sure you engage and network with those in your niche. Use hashtags to get more traffic on your videos and website. Google Bookmark websites for bloggers and video game websites. Answer question on Quora and find what community sites to join. Forum is the best way for networking.



3. Instagram

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Instagram have over million users on gaming niche. Make sure to sign in and put your website url in your bio. When creating a post with your blog, create a call to action in the caption. I have not done it but going back to correct it. For example. blog post about God of War 2018 video game. Uses hashtags and “check out my blog in my bio”. That will get people might get interested in your blog. Uses over 15+ hashtags to make it viral. The most important factor is engage with others and like their content. Upload beautiful images and uses filters for personal touch. Get on Instagram right away and grow your audience.



2. Pinterest

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Pinterest is not like Facebook and Twitter. It more like image board, where people repin images and commenting. Pinterest is user-friendly and have various interest such as food, gaming and fashion. Images could be uploaded to website and other devices. You can upload and any size and use #hashtags for SEO. Put descriptions on your pins to tell what it is about. Make sure to join groups to get more exposure for your website. Just like Facebook, Instagram and StumbleUpon engage with other user. Pinterest is fun-friendly platformer for getting more traffic on your website.



1. Twitter

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Twitter is the number one platform for bloggers. It’s the king of hashtags and many gaming niches are on this site. The rules are simple retweet, like and follow user in your niche. Make engaging post and uses photos description your tweet. I am sure everyone is using Twitter and get the hang of it. Twitter is the second most traffic than Facebook. I am still trying to gain a following with Twitter but no dice.


How will social media help me?

That’s all the social media sites to go for traffic. I am not an expert on social media at any means. Just try them out and see for yourself. Let me know how it works out for you. Also Youtubers and Twitch Streamers can use these as well.



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