Pac Man Ghost Light and Magic Eagle Havit Game Series Review

Pac Man Ghost Light and Magic Eagle Havit Game Series Review

What is Pac Man Ghost Light?

Pac Man Ghost Light is based on Namco Bandai video game franchise. This product is based on Pac Man enemy “The Ghosts”. Pac Man is a old school iconic video game where you have to eat grey ball to win. However, Ghosts will stop you from completing the level. In order to defeat ghosts. There is a special ball to eat and send them right back into the middle. Let’s talk about the product in general. Pac man Ghost Light is easy to plug-in to the computer and wall. It It comes with two components, a micro usb cable and ghost light. There are different modes to choose from. Party mode which change colors with different types of music. Original mode which doesn’t react to music but changes. There is another term color phasing mode for original.

Pac Man Ghost Light

In order the light to react to music. Users have to turn the sensitivity dial for quiet and loud music. The product is developed by Paladone and there is another Pac Man Light out there. Overall, you will need a Ipad changer to plug into the wall. I got this from my older sister in Christmas last Tuesday. Loving the design and shape of the ghost. It has a retro pixel art feel and very light. Pac Man host Light is for all ages 8+. I hope to have find with this product in the near future.

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Super Smash Jump Force – Video Games Crossover

Super Smash Bros Ultimate vs Jump Force Video Games Vs Manga Crossover

Super Smash  Jump Force

Super Smash Jump Force two of the biggest manga magazine and video game company crossover ever. These two games are developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Super Smash Bros is a video game that features Nintendo characters along with third-party. The game has been relevant since Nintendo 64 days. Concept of Super Smash Bros is knock characters off stages and damage them. Smash Bros gameplay changes throughout the development of the franchise. All of your favorite Nintendo characters joins the slugfest. Popular Nintendo IPs that appear in Smash is Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and many more. Each character have their signature moves and traits. For example, Yoshi eats and turn people into eggs. Kirby has a copy ability and Inkings travel through their ink.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Inkling Gameplay on Splatoon Stage - E3 2018

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a larger than its predecessor. Making it one of the robust selective in Smash history. There is over 90 stages in ultimate from the past series. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a ton of replay value and content. Player’s can go local or online to dominate the competition. Single player mode is similar to past games. All you have to do is fight your way to the final boss. Afterwards fight a new character and unlock them. World of Light is a new adventure mode just like Subspace Emissary. Miis can join in the fight. Ultimate has a lot of mini-games and tournament style game mode. People debate whether Smash Bros is a fighting game or not. In my opinion, It’s a party game not a competitive fighting game.

super smash bros ultimate world of light

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Super Mario Cereal | Jump Start Your Morning with Amiibo Scan Review

Super Mario Cereal Jump Start Your Morning with Amiibo Scan Review

What is Super Mario Cereal?

Super Mario cereal is a special promotion for Super Mario Odyssey video game from Kellogg’s. This is the first time Nintendo collab with Kellogg’s cereal company. There is a Pokemon cereal in the 90s went it was mainstream. I went to Target to buy this and was stoked about it. Super Mario Cereal features powerup marshmallows from the Mario series. The rest is stars and reminds me of Lucky Charms. In the back, there is a special amiibo scan to unlock new content in Odyssey. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch but someone on YouTube will try it. Super Mario Odyssey is about Mario exploring world with a new friend Cappy. Cappy can control many foes and objects it touches. Mario have access to different outfits in-game. He journey through Mushroom Kingdom to the real world.

Super Mario Odyssey

There is a returning character named Pauline.Pauline was Mario had to rescue from Donkey Kong in the early days. She sings the main theme in Super Mario Odyssey. In the back of the box, there is five questions about Mario Myth. It’s design as a warp pipe maze with questions about Mario first name to his sidekick Luigi. Kellogg’s have a Open for Breakfast survey on how to improve your morning. Customers could collect points and earn rewards. For folks who is looking for nutrition. There is a label on the right side of the box.

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Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

What is Dabkick?

Dabkick app is a live streaming service which allows user to share their shows with viewers. Think of it like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. If you are a live streamer then this is for you. Dabkick reach out to me on Instagram and had a Google Hangout. One of the developers walk me through the process about the platform. Users can embed YouTube and other video platform URLs. Connect your Twitch connect to get extra viewers. Start a show and have multiple hosts. There is an option for entry fees and ads to monetize your show. User could connect their webcam and microphone. Viewers could support the broadcasters and streamers with dabcoins. Dabcoins could turn into real currency similar to Twitch Affiliates. Dabkick is not about streaming video games but different events.

Magic shows, podcast and many other events are welcome to the platform. Dabkick have a chat to interact with viewers. Emotes are available and multimedia sharing like photos. Music is shareable as well. It works on IOS and Android for live streaming as well. You have to download the app on Apple Store and Google Play for phone users. Want to expand your audience and market yourself. Dabkick is a place to share and connect with your viewers. If you look for extra income for your live shows. I think gaming live streamers will check this out. Hopefully it will continue upgrading the platform in the future.

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PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition – Which Big Three Will You Buy?

PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition – Which Big Three Will You Buy

What is PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition?

PlayStation, NES and SNES Classic Edition are dedicated video game console and a replication of the original. If you are born in the 1990s and 1980s. These three consoles that gamer grew up with. I have grew up with all three NES, PS1 and SNES. It was so nostalgic growing playing up playing Super Mario (first game I played). Transition to Street Fighter 2 on SNES and Final Fantasy VII for PS1. Nintendo released two retro console in the present. NES Classic Edition replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Classic Edition have your games such as Mega Man, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. The design of the NES Classic is smaller than original console. In total, there is are 30 preloaded games with original NES controllers.

NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition brings out 8-bit goodness and plug outside the TV. All you have to use is a HDMI cable and AC Adapter. Fun fact: Wii remote, Classic Controller and other are compatible. I don’t know about Nintendo Switch. Next up, SNES Classic Edition is just like NES but with different features. SNES Classic less games than NES. There is 21 preloaded games such as Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, Star Fox and Super Metroid. SNES Classic have a new feature called rewind, allow user to replay suspend points. It comes with two controllers from original Super Nintendo Entertainment system era. Just like NES Classic Edition, there is HDMI and USB cables. SNES is back with 16-bit glory and use save points.

Snes Classic Edition

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