SpiritSphere and Meme Machine | Ping-Ping Blocks Indie Hands-on


What is SpiritSphere?


Hello readers it’s been a while since I did a indie game hands on post. We will explore two games SpiritSphere and Meme Machine. These games play very causal and fans will love these titles. SpiritSphere is a ping-pong Windjammers indie game developed by Eendhoorn Games. The game draws inspiration from Legend of Zelda due to top-down camera angle. Spiritsphere plays like air-hockey with local multiplayer. I wish there was online in this game. There is different game modes such play against cpu. Earn coins to get new spheres and Squash mode. Squash mode is each player has a turn to hit the wall. Although if it’s not your turn, the other player scores. Players can choose up to 4 players for team match. If you don’t want to play with a partner. Go head to head with your friend.


SpiritSphere gameplay
Image: Eendhoorn Games


The main goal of SpiritSphere is to get the sphere on the other player side. Simple enough right but wait there is more. There are different items and powerup to give player a edge. SpiritSphere features a small roster of characters but more will come. The game graphic is NES 8-bit style with eccentric soundtrack.  The game is easy to pick for newcomers and veterans. Each character have unique abilities for knocking spheres. My thoughts on SpiritSphere as a whole. The game is very fun arcade-ish with retro value. NES fans will feel right at home with this. Grab a buddy and talk trash with this indie game. Make sure you get SpiritSphere on Steam and Nintendo Switch.



What is Meme Machine?

Meme Machine is a puzzle game with internet meme. There are small cast a characters to choose from. Each character is based on a real life internet meme. You guys may have heard of Harambae, Doge, Fedorable and many more.  There are 3 game modes such as arcade, versus and score attack.  The goal of Meme Machine is similar to Tetris and Puyo Puyo.  Meme Machine gameplay mechanic is reminisce of Tetris as well. The graphic is bright detail character design and very colorful in game.


Meme Machine gameplay
Image: Screenwave Media


I glad I got a free code for Steam at Anime USA 2018 . Screenwave Media was at the convention to promote Meme Machine. As soon I got home to play Meme Machine, I don’t expect much from it. I used to free code and see what the game is all about. I was wishing it had more characters and online mode. Overall, the game was light-hearted and great for friends coming over. Stacking blocks and crushing opponents in a fun way. If you enjoy internet meme and like puzzle games. Meme Machine is available on Steam to buy.


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