Red Bull Conquest 2018

Red Bull Conquest 2018 – Drink and Win Fighting Game Tournament Round-Up

Red Bull Conquest 2018 – Drink and Win Fighting Game Tournament Round-Up

What is Red Bull Conquest?

Red Bull Conquest 2018 is a esports event sponsor by a company wit the same name. The event is a three-day event with three fighting games Guilty Gear Xrd, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. Red Bull is a energy drink filled with Vitamin B, extra sugar and Taurine. If you want more info on Red Bull energy drink visit the website. In Conquest 2018, players can register to complete or spectate in the crowd. If you want to compete, players must enter a pool to be in the top 8. Spectators can watch and check out booths on the floor. This is the first time I been into a real esports event in Washington DC. The venue was at Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights.

Entertainment & Sports Arena

It’s been a honor to go and check it out for myself. Red Bull Conquest has been growing strong in USA. They’ve been in major cities New York. LA, Boston, Seattle and many more. Tickets was very cheap and crowd size was small. I will get to improvement towards the end. Red Bull Conquest 2018 is partnered with Hori, 7-Eleven, Honda and SteelSeries. You can get some Red Bull Conquest gear on the website. There is some notable player such as The CoolKid93, Mr. K, Marlinpie, Punk and Tokido. Every player give it their all and matches was fast. Day 1 and 2 was about top 8 with three games. Final day is the Capcom Pro Tour with Street Fighter V.

Go for broke

Alot of player was representing their cities and countries. The winner of these tournaments, get a cash prize and EVO 2019 in Japan. There was a rumor about Street Fighter V season 4 being announced in Capcom Pro Tour. I took some photos and video of the event. Check out my Instagram and YouTube channel for coverage of Red Bull Conquest 2018. The commentary was fun and vivid as players compete. I don’t know online community was apart of esports. After watching these player fight in the tournament, I have to get better. The format of the tournament is winner and losers brackets. For example, if you are winning in the loser’s bracket, that player will get to compete in the finals.


That means if you lose to a player in the winner’s bracket. There is a chance you will have another shot for being champion. In Capcom Pro Tour, there are more sponsored by Razer, Vertagear, Arcade 1-Up and Victrix. Make sure to check out these products to support Capcom. Fun Fact: Ring of Power Street Fighter V has Red Bull and Capcom Pro Tour logo. Overall, these was amazing matchups wit the best players in different regions.

Street Fighter V

I wish Red Bull Conquest would advertise it more in DC. The only way I knew about it was a email from Ticketmaster. Hopefully, they will come back to Washington DC again next year. Saturday and Sunday I watched the rest on Twitch. I am happy to have the day off of work on Friday. Visit Red Bull to find a tournament in your area and city. Let’s go EVO 2019 fighting game fans.

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