Mega Man Fully Charged – A Tiny Robot in Your Head TV Series Review



What is Mega Man Fully Charged?


Mega Man Fully Charged is the latest Mega Man animated series adaptation based on Capcom video game. The show is a re-imagine of the source material with modern CGI. The main plot of Mega Man Fully Charged is a boy named Aki Light (not Rock). He is a human/robot hybrid that protects Silicon City from rogue robots. Although the show retain some elements from the game like Robot Masters and familiar characters. There is some new characters alluding from the original game. Dr. Light is still making robots to bring peace to the world. Aki has a human sister named Suna (reminds me of Roll). Rush is still Aki robot companion dog with new upgrade in mid series. Aki friend from school Bert Wily is allude to Dr. Wily.



Suna and Bert
Image: Cartoon Network



Old robot masters from past Mega Man games appeared in this series. Fire Man, Ice Man, Wood Man and Cut Man. Each Robot Master have a motive for going rogue. There are new Robot Masters like Hypo Woman, Blasto Woman and Chemistry Man. These Robot Masters doesn’t act alone but a new villain named Sgt Breaker Night. Sgt Breaker Night hates robots and human relationship and wanted to destroy them. Breaker persuades people that robot are evil but have the similar Dr. Wily. Here is the show’s biggest problem it’s Mega Man transformation and a Jimmy Cricket like mini. What I mean is Mega Mini, he is a tiny robot in Aki’s head.


Meganized me


Mega Mini tells Aki what is right and wrong. He is Aki’s conscience and does repairs in his body. In my opinion this is not necessary in a Mega Man show. Mega Man doesn’t need a Jimmy Cricket to tell him what to do. Aki is a robot and Dr. Light could teach him about life. Another flaw is Mega Man transformation chanting “Meganized me!” ugh I hate that. During his transformation Mega Man can use his Mega Buster. He can scan robots to get their power another flaw in the series. Mega Man doesn’t need to scan robot but defeat them to earn powers. The scanning takes longer because of Mini.



Mega Man Fully Charged Hypo Woman
Image: Cartoon Network



I am not a fan of the design choice for Mega Man. Rush is passable along with other characters. There is a side effect of obtaining Robot Masters abilities. Aki personality changes drastically and stores them in his brain. The show is developed by Man of Action known for Ben 10, Generation Rex and Zak Storm. Along with DHX Studios Vancouver and Dentsu Entertainment USA that help with the production.





What is my thoughts on Mega Man Fully Charged?

Mega Man Fully Charged is a short 11min tv show for fan of the original game. The show have some flaws but trying to find it’s identity. The pixel art trying to replicate 8-bit style. There is some Easter eggs for original fans to spot. I think 1994 Ruby-Spears tv show is better than Fully Charged. Voice acting is average and animation is vivid. I wish each episode is 24 mins instead of 11. Fully Charged might have potential and bring back old characters like Proto Man and Bass. Mega Man Fully Charged is available on YouTube to watch. I understand that it’s a reimaging of Mega Man and people are not happy with it. Give Mega Man Fully Charged a chance to see what developers do with it.



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