Invader Zim – Game Slave 2 Video Game Episode Review



What is Invader Zim?

Invader Zim is a animated cartoon series about a little alien called Zim. Zim is an Irk who wants to take over the earth. The show is created by Jhonen Vasquez who known for his character design of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Invader Zim is a black comedy tv series that features crude humor just like Floamy the Squirrel. The show was very popular and became a hit in Nickelodeon. Sadly, it was cancelled after season 2 and present time. Jhonen Vasquez is bringing Invader Zim back for a television film. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus is still in development but hopefully come out in 2019. The show have wacky cast of characters with twisted personalities. The main protagonist and anti-hero Zim is voiced by Richard Horvitz known for Billy from The Grim Adventures.


Gaz and Dib Game Slave 2
Image: Nickelodeon


Also Alpha 5 from Power Rangers, Skylanders Kaos and Raz from Psychonauts. Zim arc-rival Dib, who spreads conspiracy theories and learn about aliens. GIR, Zim robot companion and a bit dim-witted. The Almighty Tallest who are Zim’s superiors. Gaz Membrane, a cynical and anti-social sister of Dib. Professor Membrane father of Gaz and Dib, who is a scientist. There are many more as the series progress. My favorite is Gaz because she is like some viewers question characters everyday life. For example, why is Zim bad at talking over the world? Is Dib wanted to save the world? Gaz is the less straight guy in the series.





Game Slave 2 summary

Invader Zim Game Slave 2 episode 12 is a second half. Gaz is playing a zombie hunter game. There is a episode of Mysterious Mystery Dib’s favorite show. She see a commercial about a new video game console.  After sitting through Dib’s favorite show. Gaz goes to the mall with Dib. She tricked Dib and found out there is a long line for Game Slave 2. While in line Gaz meets a eccentric kid named Iggins and talks about being a gamer. In a few hours in line, finally Gaz and Iggins are in the store. The game store employee stated “it’s sold out sorry dudes”. One of the employee mention someone forgot to pick up a Game Slave 2. Iggins lied to the employee and got himself a Game Slave 2.


Gaz and Iggins
Image: Nickelodeon


Gaz was very upset about this and follows Iggins home. Iggins is at home playing his Game Slave 2. In a chilling raining night, Gaz stalks Iggins. She wants the Game Slave 2 but Iggins refused. Iggins runs and find out that batteries is missing. He tries to find batteries but it’s all gone. Afterwards, Iggins finds Gaz in the bathroom with the missing batteries. Gaz gives Iggins a ultimatum and he gives her Game Slave 2. Gaz goes to a battery shop and Iggins rants about being a better gamer. She cuts the elevator cable and Iggins falls. Plot b is Dib is finding a way out of the mall. He meets zombies and that was all.






My thoughts on this episode is the troupe of the gaming community. Gamer tend to wait in line for new gen consoles and video games. Zim didn’t appear in this episode what so ever. Gaz is a very dark character and get what she wants. I really enjoy this episode and Gaz character. Iggins is a stereotype of a video game fanboy. Although his voice is very annoying and his character. Game Slave 2 reminds me of Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Melissa Fahn did a great job with Gaz Membrane. I am looking forward to the movie. Invader Zim is available on Dvd on Amazon.


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