Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October

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Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October

Less Crowd In Anime USA 2018

Last years Anime USA 2017, was just like this one. Due to winter conditions last year or insufficient funds from Black Friday. Anime USA 2018 didn’t have a huge crowd like Donald Trump Inauguration in 2018. Understandable people have families, jobs and went to other conventions this year. There was a change going to Anime USA 2018. For now on, I am going on Saturdays because I want to save money. The Maid Café was not an option ever and that Attack on Titans tea is Abysmal. Maid Café was a great but need work on some food. Anime USA 2018 was at the same location and paid $55 ticket price. Fridays and Sundays range from expensive and cheap depending on the day. While at Anime USA 2018, I went to some panels and video game room.

Nightwing cosplay at Anime USA 2018

There was video game panels but was cancelled. A lot of guests showed up, Jim Cummings voiced of Winne the Pooh and Darkwing Dark. It was Jim’s first anime convention and the panel was comedic. Handful of other guest such as voice actors Crispin Freeman, Karen Strassman, Kira Buckland, Lisa Ortiz and Monica Rial. Pixar’s John Ratzenberger and first in Anime USA history YouTubers. Anime YouTubers with million subscribers like The Anime Man, Gajin Goombah and Akidearest. All of these guest sign autographs for fans of their work. I snap some photos of some cosplayers but not a lot. In the game room, there were Tekken 7, Japanese rhythm games, Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter V. There were various retro to present games.

Overall thoughts Jim Cummings at Anime USA 2018

Indie game managed to make a presents in Anime USA. I got a free code for ScreenWave Media Meme Machine. Tried a Mega Man like beat’em up Team Einherjar. There were Tekken 7 tournament but not in a EVO 2018 level. Artist Alley and Dealer Room was the same and saw Blerdcon booth. I have miss some panels such as How to Be a Anime YouTuber but thanks Roberto Blake. Enjoy myself and sit through half of the Masquerade. Brought some Chiptole and left home for the day. I just want to say “happy 20th Anniversary Anime USA!” and still going strong. Anime USA is a great place for Otaku Culture. Hopefully next year a lot of people will show us. See you in 2019 Anime USA and lets get better.

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