Angels of Death Anime | Serial Killer and Girl with No Memory Review


What is Angels of Death anime about?



Angels of Death anime is based on Japanese indie game developed by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada). The plot of Satsuriku no Tenshi is about 13 year old girl named Rachel Gardner. Rachel is taken into a unknown hospital and have no memory of her past life. Later on Rachel meets a serial killer named Isaac Foster (Zack), a egomaniac boy with a scythe. Isaac and Rachel wants to escape the unknown place. By doing so, Rachel makes a promise and wants Zack to kill her. Zack honors that request and journeys into the place to find a way out. In the video game, Rachel and Isaac meets other people in different floors. They solve puzzles to find the way out and help each other.



Angels of Death indie game
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Upon traveling together Ray and Zack learn about each other. Zack was in a abusive relationship with his family. Ray parents have been murdered in a unknown reason. The two have a strange and off the rail relationship. Rachel was portray as a innocent girl but later turn dark. Floor tenants question her motives and ideology. Zack backstory is very dark and painful. He endure a lot in his childhood. Sometimes Zack takes a thrill out of killing people. Does he know what is wrong and right? Will he grow up different and become a better person? Ray did have parents that loved her but gone to heaven. She wants Zack to kill her and reunited with family.



Overall thoughts on Angel of Death anime


Rachel and Isaac meets floor tenants that are after them. Daniel Dickens is a doctor who is obsess with eyes and wants Rachel’s. Danny is the 6th floor tenant in the series. Edward Mason is the same age as Rachel. Eddie is a grave digger wearing a wooden mask, he is on the 5th floor. Catherine Ward is a sadist and love to show off. Cathy is a prison warden and resident of the 4th floor. Abraham Gray, a priest who pass judgement and son of god. Grey resident is on the 3th floor. Ray and Zack have encounter these floor masters and survived. Each floor master have their own agenda for our heroes. It might be love, judgement and enjoyment.


Satsuriku no Tenshi / Angel Death | Trailer | TV Anime
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J.C. Staff did a job that creates dark atmosphere and psychological thriller. Angel of Death is really short series. Despite it’s adaptation of the indie video game. Rachel character change drastically throughout the anime. Zack personality does the same but tragic hero. Satsuriku no Tenshi is no happy go lucky series but a lot of horror elements. The characters are well developed and cookie-cutter. Grey is the only character who is not evil but neutral. Rachel wants someone to end her existence. I think it’s a great adaptation of the video game. The ending have quotes from Rachel and Isaac. If you are a fan of the video game buy it on Steam. Check out the Angels of Death anime on Crunchyroll. For psychological horror watchers this is for you.



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