Paladins Champions of the Realm – Best Characters in Gameplay


Who is my main champion in Paladins?



Recently, I been playing Paladins and it was amazing. I started getting good with Ying. Ying is a support class that creates illusions and teleports. She also provides health for teammates. Her mirror beam does 50% damage. Although, Ying is kind of weak but moves quickly. I have manage to get a kill spree with her. She is a great character to use and best support healer to date. Next up is Koga, he is a new champion with two attack methods. His gun and claws, which he could use for short and long range. Koga have an agility that cost three bars along with his claws. His claws takes 60% damage and shots are 40%. Koga is one of the best new champions that just came out.


Image: Hi-Rez Studios


Perfect for newcomers of Paladins and veterans. Tyra is a little similar to Viktor and Vivian. She is a well-rounded champion that marks enemies. When Tyra marks enemies her accurate is similar to Overwatch’s Soldier 76. Her other abilities throw fire-like grenade that affect multiple enemies. There is a grenade launcher in her gun as well. Tyra is the most pick character next to Viktor. She is one of my main in the game. If you want an alternative damage champion she is your pick. Vivian is another favorite champion of mine. She is a damage hero also, with her device that detect enemies. Zoom for accurate and shield to protect herself. Her ultimate is her sensor drones that does 500 damage. Vivian is the second best champion in damage.



How do you determine who is the best champion?


paladins champions of the realm classes
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In my opinion, it depends on their tier and playstyle. Whatever preference the player would choose that champion suits their needs. There are four classes flank, frontline, support and damage, each champion have strength and weaknesses. Us gamers look for champion stats and who is the most picked. Will this champion lead us to victory or loss. Debating on who is the best champion is the gamer’s perspective. I have a couple of champion I have enjoy using. Sometimes they don’t always win games for me. Experiment with different champion to suit my playstyle. In gameplay, a champion’s job is to lead their team to victory. Choose your champion wisely and remember get a lot of practice.




Furia skills
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There are a lot of game modes such as Siege, which champion are profession at. For example, Ying shouldn’t be in the frontline but carry teammates. That’s support role in gameplay, Vicktor’s role is self-explanatory. Ash have a barrier that protect teammates went securing the point. Barik could use turret to defend. Best characters in Paladins could open doors to new possibilities. If it means zooming and tactical methods. You can say this champion is the best in Paladins. I enjoy Paladins and hope to see more champions in the near future.


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