Afterglow Xbox One and Windows Wired Controller Product Review


What is Afterglow Xbox One Controller?



Afterglow Xbox One controller is a prismatic color changing work of art. This Xbox One controller have a distinctive design than original controller. Afterglow have a built-in audio support and controls. User get to change the color balance with analog sticks left and right. While holding down function and left trigger buttons to control brightness. After setting your color of choice, let go of the analog sticks and function buttons. Control balance is using left and right d-pad for in-game properties. If you want to mute the microphone press the function button. Change the volume, use up and down on the d-pad. Do you love pretty colors? Afterglow controller have 4 light modes yellow, blue, green and red. The color react to moving of analog sticks.


PDP Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One
Image: YouTube


Select the color of your choice. Not sure how to use Afterglow controller? It comes with a quick start guide for Xbox One and Windows. Afterglow comes with a PDP control app. Instead of configure without the app. You can set audio, calibrate, game chat and many more. PDP control app is available for free from Microsoft Store. Make sure to follow PDP at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit PDP website for more about them. While unboxing Afterglow Xbox controller it doesn’t come with a lot of things. Only 4 items such as 10’/3m USB cable, controller and manuals. Last week, my ZD-V USB controller stop working and I had to get a replacement. I went to Target and was about to buy Logitech F310 gamepad. Glad I didn’t because it will not last for a year. Xbox controller is much better than ZD-V gamepad.


Overall thoughts on Afterglow controller


Afterglow Prismatic Controller Configuration App
Image: Afterglow


Journey back to the story of Target. I was about to get a some for my stream but may next time. The Xbox controller is a unique touch with brighter colors. I like the transparent design unlike original Xbox One controller. It’s compatible with PC (steam) and very comfortable feeling. Along time ago, I had a controller just like this. Probably, N64 color controller that was on my mind. Prismatic motif is a great touch and neon style. I would give it a 5 out of 5 for design. If you are looking for a pc gamepad. Buy Afterglow Xbox One controller at Amazon and other retailers.



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