Speedrunners – How Fast Can You Complete a Game

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 Speedrunners How Fast You Can Beat a Game


What are speedrunners

There is a phenomenon in the game industry. It’s called Speedrunning which a gamer record his or herself completing a game in a certain amount of time. As a Speedrunner you have to be good at the game and know how to game works. In history Speedrunners are members of an online communities and it’s a subculture in the gaming world. There is a website called Speed Demos Archive which is dedicated to Speedrunners for hosting videos and charity work. It’s all start with a games called Doom and Quake. You have to kill of the monster, be on Nightmare difficulty and find all secrets on the map.


LifeL1ke - Quake Speedrunners in 23:11


In November 1994, Doom Speedrunning community was turned into a form of a website called COMPET-N which has scoreboards. Doom-related achievements and recorded hours of demo gameplay. Quack had a project called Quake done Quick which the members of the project making a move.


Speedrunning is tough

There is another game which hit the Speedrunning craze, it’s called Metroid which you can go through different routes in the game, wall jumping to allow players to skip over large areas of the game. The community was created by Jean-Sebastien “Zell” Dubois and it was dedicated to documenting the possibilities of sequence breaking in the game Metroid Prime. Speedrunner Nolan Pflug completed the game within 1 hour 37 minutes and it was feature on Slashdot.

Super Metroid :: Speedrunners


In 2001 Tool-assisted speedruns was created during the Doom days, which is emulator that use tools to slow motion, frame-by-frame advance, memory watch, and re-recording (save states) of gameplay used to aid in the input sequence’s creation. There were called built demos instead of gameplay, There is another speedrunner named Morimoto that played Super Mario Bros 3 (just over 11 minutes without making a single mistake, and managed to accumulate 99 1ups throughout levels during which he had to wait).


Super Mario Bros 3 100%


Completing a game fast

Speedrunners can break the route or requirement of the game which is called Sequence breaking but it’s also cause glitches. There are different types of completion any. 100% (includes collecting all key items or upgrades, finding all secret features, or anything else that may be deemed important. Specific requirements for a 100% speedrun are different depending on the game.  Low (requires the player to complete the game by obtaining the least amount of key items or upgrades).


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrunners - 18:10 by Cosmo Wright (Live)


The most speedrun games I have seen is Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Final Fantasy and more. There is a YouTube and Twitch channels that’s dedicated to speedrunning. Speedrunning is like Time Attack how fast can you get a high score and how you know the game as well. If you want to become a speedrunner then go for it and show the world how fast can you be the game.


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