DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes/ Foto Flash Indies Hands-on


What is DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes?





Welcome to another hands-on indie games. Today I will be talking about DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes and Foto Flash. DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes is developed by Baby Duka and it’s  a creative 2D platformer. Baby Duka is a streamer on Twitch make sure to check him out. I got a hands on experience with the alpha build. Players get to create and finish levels. Levels is not the only thing that is customization. Enemies, stage hazards and  in the future powerups. Lets just say that Dash is more like Minecraft. Creativity is limitless in Dash, share your amazing stages with a community. Master mechanics and play through various game modes. Discord, Steam and Twitch integration will be available.  Player’s can switch to control and keyboard whatever the choice.  Beautiful pixel art that stands out of the game.


Dash Gameplay
Image; Baby Duka


Dash is coming to consoles soon and can’t wait to multiplayer.  Player can defeat enemies with weapons. Choose different character with distinctive playstyle.  The game is design for creative and competitive players. I really enjoy Dash and willing to see more improvement in the game. Make sure to visit Dash website and join Baby Duka Discord.





Here is a Foto Flash



Foto Flash is a action-adventure indie game developed by Studio Gamaii. The player takes control of a freelance photographer working for Pin-up magazine.  Journey through Sala City and take photos of hot babes. Unnamed protagonist must accept request from 10 girls in order to pose from you. You can buy items and give to townsfolks in Sala City. Foto Flash is a upbeat two-down Legend of Zelda style game. Warning: it does have adult content and not suitable for children.  Players will make quirk and ambiguous characters. There are different types of girls such as otaku, adventurer and movie star.


Foto Flash gameplay
Image: Studio Gamaii


Foto Flash is filled with smooth and relaxing music. You will feel like walking into the bleach. The game is great for summer and beautiful babes.  There is a Foto Flash sequel on Steam out. I really enjoy the pop culture humor and stereotypical woman in the game. There is not much to do in the game and very beginner friendly. I am hoping to get the sequel soon enough but who doesn’t like hot girls. Foto Flash is available now on Steam.



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