Wreck It Ralph – Villains Turn Into Good Guy Movie Review


What is Wreck it Ralph movie?



Wreck It Ralph is directed by Rich Moore from Disney and Pixar. The movie is based on a video game bad guy named Wreck it Ralph (John C. Reilly), who wants to change. Ralph is from a 80s arcade game named Fix-it Felix Jr. Fix-it Felix Jr is a Donkey Kong-like video game, where Felix fixes anything that Ralph breaks. Player’s guide Felix (Jack McBrayer) into the top of the building, afterwards awarded with a metal. The town’s people throws Ralph off the building and land on mud. After arcades are closed, video game characters leaves their games and enjoy life. Ralph is look down as a bad guy and wants to change.


Wreck it Ralph villains
Image: Disney/Pixar


He goes to therapy with other video game villains such as M.Bison, Eggman, Ghost (Pac-Man) and Bowser. They were not happy about Ralph wanted to change. Deep down inside Ralph is a heart of gold. Ralph game jumps from Heroes Duty and Sugar Rush. There is saying that “you died outside your game, that character never comes back”. After Ralph’s disappearance, Fix-it Felix arcade was out of order and soon will be unplug. Various characters mention to Ralph about going Turbo. Turbo was a 80s racing that was popular in its prime.  Turbo game jump to Sugar Rush in disguised as King Candy (Alan Tudyk).



Can glitch co-exist in video game?

He meets Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a glitch from Sugar Rush. She wants to win a race to become real video game character. Ralph and Vanellope relationship was rocky but slowly matures. Felix and Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun (Jane Lynch) search for Ralph. Vanellope is shunned by other Sugar Rush racer for being a glitch. Both Ralph and Vanellope spend time together reflecting on their actions. After building kart out of sweets, Vanellope enters the race and King Candy attacks her. Using her glitch powers, Candy was reveal to be Turbo. Turbo fuse with big from Hero’s Duty and Vanellope turn into a princess. Ralph figured out Vanellope was on the arcade flyer. Turbo wipe every game character memory and mess with Vanellope code.


I'm Gonna Wreck It! - Wreck-It Ralph
Image: Disney/Pixar

What I think of Wreck it Ralph?

Gamer would love this movie because it reminds me of Toy Story. Various video games appear in this film. Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tapper and Dance Dance Revolution. The movie tackles violent video games like first person shooters. Sugar Rush reminisce of kart racing games. How glitches are look down in video games. There were some funny moments such as Tamora Jean Calhoun backstory, bugs ruin her wedding. Fix-it Felix ends of marrying her and speaks Q-bert language. Moral of Ralph character that people think bad guys can’t change. Bad guys have problem too but no one notices.




King Candy/Turbo
Image by Disney/Pixar



I would suggest that some people could change but takes steps to do it. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is coming out this year and can’t wait. This is a great movie from Pixar with glamorous effect and animation. Explores past and present video game culture and a lot of cameos from different franchise. Movie watchers could take a look in video game character perspective. I would check Wreck-it Ralph movie and buy it on DvD and Bluray at Amazon.


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