Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Bringing Back Classic Review

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Bringing Back Arcade Classic Review

What is Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection?


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a compilation of games from the hit arcade series. Capcom gives us a nostalgia bomb of Street Fighter. Street Fighter has been around for 30 years and still growing until this day. Developed by Digital Eclipse known for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Namco Museum 50th Anniversary and Arcade’s Greatest Hits. Street Fighter is the most popular fighting games of all time. There is a lot of pop culture reference of Street Fighter. The fandom and many fighting games try to replicate and inspiration. 30th Anniversary have a total of 12 games. The game doesn’t include Street Fighter V and VI video games. Although if you pre-order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, player will get a digital copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition games

In 30th Anniversary Collection, there are four modes in startup menu. Online, Offline, Options and Museum to choose from. Offline is playing arcade mode locally with a friend or solo. During in-game you can view moveset of the characters. Change filters and borders for an arcade -ish look. Battle a friend with versus mode and set handicap to your liking. Online mode is competing with players around the world. Players can host lobbies, set latency input and set four Street fighter games. Option is setting your controls and etc. Museum is a history of Street Fighter and development. Player could listen to different soundtracks of 12 Street Fighter games. There is a lot of artwork and designs of Street Fighter to check out.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection museum

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Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation – What Will You Create In-Game?

Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation in a nutshell

Soul Calibur 6 character creation mode gives players a creative touch. You can create a anime character, marvel super hero and pop culture icons. Character creation contains selecting your race, gender, voices and attributes. I have tried out character creation mode and it’s was average in my opinion. In a player’s perspective I don’t expect much in this mode. There is a story mode where you can create a character and explore it. That mode is called Soul Chronicles reminds me of Chronicles of the Sword from Soul Calibur 3. Aside from height and changing skin color for your character. Player’s can give their character a makeover and fashion sense. For example, a female character is a cat girl with broadsword. Male demonic entity with a personality of Pee Wee Herman.

SoulCalibur 6 Character Creation Tutorial: Hatsune Mik


Different possibilities to customize your character. After naming your character like Bumpy Lip or Lil Korn. What about Hotdog Sweaty Neck or Big Head Carl? Anybody would come up with silly names. For otakus who love hot anime women or want to create a waifu. Soul Calibur is here for you guys. I have created a character name Calypso with Azwel weapons. She might get a makeover after this post. Otaku might change female characters bust size with jiggle physics. Ivy Valentine is the perfect example of a waifu. Due to Ivy voluptuous physique and revealing outfit. That’s what the whole controversy about sexualization of video game female characters.

soul calibur 6 mickey mouse


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Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October


Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October

Less Crowd In Anime USA 2018

Last years Anime USA 2017, was just like this one. Due to winter conditions last year or insufficient funds from Black Friday. Anime USA 2018 didn’t have a huge crowd like Donald Trump Inauguration in 2018. Understandable people have families, jobs and went to other conventions this year. There was a change going to Anime USA 2018. For now on, I am going on Saturdays because I want to save money. The Maid Café was not an option ever and that Attack on Titans tea is Abysmal. Maid Café was a great but need work on some food. Anime USA 2018 was at the same location and paid $55 ticket price. Fridays and Sundays range from expensive and cheap depending on the day. While at Anime USA 2018, I went to some panels and video game room.

Nightwing cosplay at Anime USA 2018

There was video game panels but was cancelled. A lot of guests showed up, Jim Cummings voiced of Winne the Pooh and Darkwing Dark. It was Jim’s first anime convention and the panel was comedic. Handful of other guest such as voice actors Crispin Freeman, Karen Strassman, Kira Buckland, Lisa Ortiz and Monica Rial. Pixar’s John Ratzenberger and first in Anime USA history YouTubers. Anime YouTubers with million subscribers like The Anime Man, Gajin Goombah and Akidearest. All of these guest sign autographs for fans of their work. I snap some photos of some cosplayers but not a lot. In the game room, there were Tekken 7, Japanese rhythm games, Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter V. There were various retro to present games.

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Angels of Death Anime | Serial Killer and Girl with No Memory Review

What is Angel of Death anime about?

Angels of Death anime is based on Japanese indie game developed by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada). The plot of Satsuriku no Tenshi is about 13 year old girl named Rachel Gardner. Rachel is taken into a unknown hospital and have no memory of her past life. Later on Rachel meets a serial killer named Isaac Foster (Zack), a egomaniac boy with a scythe. Isaac and Rachel wants to escape the unknown place. By doing so, Rachel makes a promise and wants Zack to kill her. Zack honors that request and journeys into the place to find a way out. In the video game, Rachel and Isaac meets other people in different floors. They solve puzzles to find the way out and help each other.

Angels of Death indie game

Upon traveling together Ray and Zack learn about each other. Zack was in a abusive relationship with his family. Ray parents have been murdered in a unknown reason. The two have a strange and off the rail relationship. Rachel was portray as a innocent girl but later turn dark. Floor tenants question her motives and ideology. Zack backstory is very dark and painful. He endure a lot in his childhood. Sometimes Zack takes a thrill out of killing people. Does he know what is wrong and right? Will he grow up different and become a better person? Ray did have parents that loved her but gone to heaven. She wants Zack to kill her and reunited with family.

Satsuriku no Tenshi / Angel Death | Trailer | TV Anime

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Paladins Champions of the Realm – Best Characters in Gameplay

 Paladins Champions of the Realm – Best Character Champions in Gameplay

Who is my main champion in Paladins?

Recently, I been playing Paladins and it was amazing. I started getting good with Ying. Ying is a support class that creates illusions and teleports. She also provides health for teammates. Her mirror beam does 50% damage. Although, Ying is kind of weak but moves quickly. I have manage to get a kill spree with her. She is a great character to use and best support healer to date. Next up is Koga, he is a new champion with two attack methods. His gun and claws, which he could use for short and long range. Koga have an agility that cost three bars along with his claws. His claws takes 60% damage and shots are 40%. Koga is one of the best new champions that just came out.

Paladins: Best Champions

Perfect for newcomers of Paladins and veterans. Tyra is a little similar to Viktor and Vivian. She is a well-rounded champion that marks enemies. When Tyra marks enemies her accurate is similar to Overwatch’s Soldier 76. Her other abilities throw fire-like grenade that affect multiple enemies. There is a grenade launcher in her gun as well. Tyra is the most pick character next to Viktor. She is one of my main in the game. If you want an alternative damage champion she is your pick. Vivian is another favorite champion of mine. She is a damage hero also, with her device that detect enemies. Zoom for accurate and shield to protect herself. Her ultimate is her sensor drones that does 500 damage. Vivian is the second best champion in damage.

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