Kanon 2006 – Snowy City and Boy with Amnesia Anime Review


What is Kanon 2006?


Kanon 2006 anime is the remake of short-live 2002 series. It also based on visual novel developed by Key along with Air and Clannad. The plot revolves about Yuichi Aizawa who moves back with his cousin Nayuki Minase. Yuichi doesn’t remember what happen while he was away. Throughout the course of the series, he encounters 4 girls from his past. Makoto Sawatari is a fox that Yuichi abandoned in his child. She have a grudge against him because of it. Yuichi finds out about Makoto was not originally human but a fox. Makoto strength slowly decrease and get headaches in her route. Thanks to Amano Mishio information about Makoto condition. Yuichi grants her wish to get married and later on disappears. Mai Kawasumi’s route is about Yuichi broke her promise about staying together.


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She stays after hour in school to fight demons (which her powers). Mai carries a sword with her and uses to slay demon. Yuichi helps her by getting a kendo stick and later finds out her past. Yuichi learns about Mai’s mother and made a zoo of snow rabbits. We learn more about Mai’s friend Sayuri Kurata, who she want to protect. Sayuri comes from a rich family and very strict with her younger brother. Kurata play with her brother and the very end but passed away. Mai route is very emotional because after a demon attack Sayuri. She feels powerless and weak for not being strong enough. Yuichi eventually remembers her from years back and Mai stabs herself learning about her powers. Her route and story is the best in Kanon. Mai does act odd went talking to people but comes out her shell.


Character route and story arc


Ayu Tsukimya is one of the key heroine in Kanon. She is portray is a dizzy and cheerful girl with Yuichi met from childhood. Yuichi and Ayu play in the forest and made a school. Ayu was the second girl Yuichi interacted with. There were three wishes that Ayu and Yuichi make in the series. Yuichi and Ayu relationship is like siblings. They did share a kiss after finding the time capsule with angel doll inside. Ayu also disappears the reappears along with Makoto. Ayu have a favorite food Taiyaki and her catchphrase “ugh”. Shiori Minase is the younger sister of Kaori Minase but have a stray relationship. She have an unknown illness that couldn’t be cured. Yuichi and his friends threw her a surprise birthday party. Later rekindled her relationship with her sister Kaori. Shiori always watches Yuichi during school and later on disappears.


Kanon (2006) - 10


Nayuki remembers Yuichi slaps a snow bunny out of her hand. When Nayuki mother Akiko was in a car accident. She breaks down and pushes Yuichi out. Nayuki is mad at Yuichi for not remembering want happen before he went away. Kanon 2006 is one the most beautiful anime out there. Kyoto Animation brings out cleaness and dreamy character design. The atmosphere is very deep and melancholy. During the opening of each episode with a monologue called “dreams”. The soundtrack is very on point and mysterious tone. It switches from thrilling to relaxing which each moment in the show. Kanon focus on memory loss and your childhood. Yuichi reflects on his actions and willing to help others. The series takes on death as well making them disappear.


What are my thoughts on Kanon anime?

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This is not just a slice-of-life show but supernatural as well. There are scenes that will have you tear-dropping every second. What can I say about this series? I highly recommend watching Kanon and other Key properties like Air and Clannad. 2006 version is a step-ahead of Toei Animation 2002 episode anime. The snowy setting feels very pleasant and gloomy in perspective. Different characters have points of view and backstory relating to Yuichi. How director handles character deaths have viewers scratching their heads. Kanon 2006 is available on DvD at Amazon. If you are fan of Key’s visual novel games or not.

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