Hi Score Girl – Getting Beat by a Girl in Arcades Anime Review


What is Hi Score Girl?



Hi Score Girl is based on the Japanese manga by Rensuke Oshikiri. The plot of Hi Score Girl revolves around pro gamer Haruo Yaguchi. Yaguchi is a advent gamer that loves playing 90s arcade games. He express his love for video games from the 1990s. During his time at arcade, Haruo is playing Street Fighter 2. Yaguchi is a Guile user and was the top player in his prime. A new challenger named Oono Akira defeats Haruo painfully with Zangief. Haruo pride was tarnish by Akira’s skill as a female gamer. He found a new gamer friend and wants play against her again. High Score Girl is animated by J.C Staff with 2D/CGI hybrid. The anime is still on-going and possibly have 12 episodes. There is a lot of video game reference and promotion in this series.


high score girl Ono and Haruo
Image: Netflix


Haruo is a egomaniacal boy who enjoy playing video games and talking about them. He goes to school along with Ono. Every chance Yaguchi gets to try the latest game. Oono is one set ahead of him. Akira is not the only girl that defeats Haruo. Hidaka Koharu is another skilled female gamer that mercifully defeats Yaguchi. Akira Oono has no dialogue and only grunts. During Haruo and Oono interactions, Akira gets physical with him. Sometimes Akira gets annoyed with Haruo’s ranting. Haruo ranting and annoyance gets on Akira’s nerves. She comes from a wealthy family and don’t have to enjoy herself. Haruo shows Oono how to have fun.


What 90s video games are presented?



Akira and Haruo play games together. She rarely show emotion other than annoyed. Yaguchi might fall in love with Akira. He and Oono share the same values for video games. Here is the meat of the series. The video games presented in the series. Street Fighter plays a huge role in High Score Girl. We dig into different terminology on combos, character traits and etc. Haruo main character Guile is his role model. Other video game characters give him advice on how to the best. Akira and Haruo play Final Fight together. Hidaka and Akira played Samurai Showdown (Samurai Spirits). Virtua Fighter was Akira game due to the same character name. Splatterhouse was in one episode and Genpei Toma Den. Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Alpha Haruo gets a hands-on experience.


Street Fighter Guile
Image: Netflix

What are my thoughts on Hi Score Girl?

I was surprise that Mortal Kombat was in this series. The King of Fighters 94 was Hidaka beats Haruo painfully. Video game console was referenced in this series. PlayStation, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo and many more. High Score Girl is another great manga based on video games. Gamers! Is another series to check out. The anime have over the top humor, quirky characters and gaming galore. Haruo is a stereotypical gamer that’s passionate about video games like me. Being defeat by a girl will ruin your manhood.  I would recommended watching this show for fans of video games.


Hi Score Girl - 09
Image: Netflix

I almost forgot about the intermission promotions. High Score Girl anime promotes and encourages viewers to buy a certain game. Haruo talks to viewers are certain video games to check. There were SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Super Bomberman R and Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle. Make sure to check out these game include Namco Museum. Amazon got a get deal on this games.


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