SoulCalibur – Siegfried and Nightmare Two Entities Live by the Sword



Who is SoulCalibur Siegfried and Nightmare?



Siegfried is a child of Frederick Schtauffen, who was a brave knight in a Holy Roman Empire of German Nation. Later on joined a band of brigands called Schwarzwind after his father left on a foreign crusade. Siegfried unintentionally kill his father during a ambush. He connived himself that someone else was to blame for his father death. Sieg goes on a quest to find the legendary weapon Soul Edge. With Soul Edge, Siegfried will take revenge for his father’s death. During his travels to Ostrheinsburg Castle, Sieg joins as a Landskecht hoping to get Stefan’s blade. During Ostrheinsburg Castle siege, Siegfried saw a opportunity to kill Stefan. As the search for the real Soul Edge and growing more insane. Finally, Siegfried found Soul Edge in the hands of Cervantes de Leon.



Nightmare, known as Siegfried! in Soul Edge
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Cervantes was a dreaded pirate corrupted by Soul Edge power. After Cervantes defeat, he wield Soul Edge and a evil seed emanated from him. Siegfried want to bring his dead father back to life. In exchange for gather souls for Soul Edge. Siegfried agreed and started killing people for souls. Later on, Soul Edge consume Siegfried and turn him into Nightmare. After events of Soul Edge video game, Nightmare and his followers continue to devour souls. Astaroth, Aeon Calcos and Ivy aided Nightmare in a resurrection ceremony at Ostrheinburg. Two warriors confront Nightmare, Kilik and Xianghua to free Siegfried. After the battle, Soul Edge broke and Sieg regain humanity.



Battling oneself

soul calibur dreamcast siegfried ending
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Now free from Soul Edge control, Siegfried vow not to kill again until he is redeemed. Realize that he has murdered his father and resurrection was only illusion. SoulCalibur 2, the balance between Soul Edge and Siegfried was broken. Little to known Siegfried was still being haunted by Soul Edge. Soul Edge took control of Siegfried once again and cause destruction. Nightmare searches for fragments of Soul Edge. Rapheal challenge Nightmare and was successful piercing Soul Edge’s eye. Siegfried awakened and free his mind from evil. Defeating Inferno and discovered Soul Calibur that release from Inferno’s body. He sealed both swords and atone for his sins.


Soul Calibur III - Siegfried
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SoulCalibur III, Zasalamel revived Nightmare and created a avatar for a disembodied inferno. Nightmare met Tira, who became his servant and manipulated other to protecting Soul Edge. Also Tira helps Nightmare gather souls for the sword Soul Edge. Zasalamel uses Siegfried to lure Nightmare and wielding Soul Calibur. Two fought and Siegfried was wounded and pulled into a warped dimension. Soulcalibur IV, Siegfired was revived and Inferno restores Soul Edge. Inferno claimed Nightmare is a vessel and cursed cities. Tira continued to serve Nightmare and manipulating Asaroth and Sophitia. The only way to destroy Soul Calibur was to weaken it. Nightmare and Siegfried clash in a final duel at the tower of Remembrance.





Will Siegfried find redemption?


Siegfried allies with Hildegard von Krone and Viola to search for Soul Edge. Soul Calibur transforms into a one-handed sword. It needs a new champion to wield it and find Z.W.E.I. Soul Edge regained consciousness and allow Nightmare to gain a new body. Nightmare goes by Graf Dumas and work his way to Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. He wanted to start a war with Ottomans to find missing fragments for restoring Soul Edge. Two warriors Patroklos and Pyrrha confront Dumas (Nightmare). Nightmare was killed by Z.W.E.I and later on defeated by Pyrrha Omega. Inferno found a new host and two siblings piece Soul Calibur and sealing them.



soulcalibur IV siegfried ending
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The moral of the story is Siegfried was to atone for his sins. Nightmare is the evil side of Sieg that corrupts him. Nightmare and Siegfried is two path of good vs evil. It symbolize ying and yang of a person. Lets’ see if Soulcalibur VI give little more story about Siegfried and Nightmare. Soul Cailbur is a story about good and evil. Two swords cause chaos and destruction in the world. What will you choose to find? Will Soul Edge be destroy once and for all? Does evil always come from the sword? Buy Soul Edge, Cailbur 1, 2, 3, ,4  and 5 on various systems.


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