Wakfu TV Series | Power of the Dofus and Eiiotrope Review




What is Wakfu tv series?


Wakfu tv series is based on MMORPG with the same name. It’s a direct sequel to Dofus turn-based tactical rpg. Wakfu video game is developed by Ankama Games and published by Square Enix. The plot is alittle different than Wakfu animated tv show. An ogre named Ogrest managed to get six Dofus eggs. Ogrest wanted to collect the Dofus eggs for someone he loved. His lover only wanted the Dofus Eggs and Ogrest killed his lover out of rage and felt remorse about it. Later on the timeline shifts and Ogrest was not longer a threat. The main protagonist Yugo, who is the last Eiiotrope on his kind. Yugo fought against Ogrest and gained all six Dofus eggs. Afterwards created alternate versions of himself and send them into the past. The game features classes, maintain resource and master elemental spells.


Wakfu game
Image: Ankama Games


In the animated cartoon, Yugo was adopted by a bounty hunter named Ailbert. Yugo was a baby that was in the care of Grougaloragran. Grougaloragran is a dragon/human hybrid who tells Yugo about his real family. There are other characters Yugo will meet in the series include his little brother Adamai. Yugo have the ability to create portals and shoot beams of light (season 2). Throughout the course of the series. Yugo learn about his Eiiotrope heritage and his family. He is not alone in this quest. A crooked old man named Ruel Stroud, who is armed with a golden shovel. Percedal, a happy go lucky knight who is armed with a shushu named Rubilax. Evangelyn, a Cra and a bodyguard of Princess Amalia. Lastly, Amalia who is a princess of Sadida. These four main protagonist set out to the world and find dangers.


Character interaction and roles in Wakfu


In season 1, Yugo slowly finds about Eillotrope Lineage and using his powers. Percedal have a subplot of controlling Rubilax and impressive his love interest Evangelyn. Ruel want to be rich and use underhanded schemes. Princess Amalia wants to wonder into the world. There are villains in Wakfu who want power. Nox is a human that lives within a machine. He is a Xelor that want to be with his family. Wakfu plays apart in season 1 because Nox wants it. Eliacube have to power to turn back time. Nox wanted to use the tree of life for his own agenda. There is a lot of time travel elements in this series. We learn more about dragons being reborn as Adamai explains. Dragon and human (Eilotropes) were bought alongside of each other.


Wakfu tv series - S01E18 - The Brotherhood of the Tofu
Image: Ankama Animation,


Wakfu cartoon uses flash animation and video game engine is Java. The animation is very beautiful and colorful atmosphere. Battle sequence is very flashy and wonderous. Character designs like anime-ish and life-like. The ending of Wakfu shows characters in a humorous tone. Opening of Wakfu reminds me of RWBY with stella animation. There is special episodes and OVAs fans can check out. You can skip the filter episodes and get through storyline. English voice actors were great and fit some of the characters. There is a kickstarter campaign for season 3 dub and successfully funded. Overall I really enjoy the show and hope to keep watching. Wakfu tv show is available to watch on Netflix. Download Wakfu for free and explore the world. 


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