Gamepad Vs Keyboard and Mouse | What is your Poison in Video Games?


Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming



Let’s start off with keyboard and mouse for gaming in general. First person shooter video games is recommended for keyboard and mouse. It gives gamers greater accuracy and precision of the mouse. Keyboard have various mapping and array of buttons than a controller. Mastering the keyboard is harder than it looks. Although, gamepad is more comfortable in your hands. Your hands are on the right side of the keyboard. Playing fps games, mouse is for aiming and turning your character around. Movement is ever the arrow keys or WASD mapping default setting. Shooting would be left click on the mouse and alt is right click. Depending on your choice of buttons, set and configure whatever to see fit. Back in the 80s and 90s, there was no gamepad but keyboard and mouse.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Image: Valve Corporation


here was the primary controller in its time. Joystick was later introduce but look like a flight stick. There was 3 or more button in a joystick. 2000s gamepad was brought in and made it easier to map. Some video game companies had a joystick option but other don’t. Video game companies and developer know what game these components are meant for. Depending on what game you play that is. I have look into Quora for insights about keyboard and mouse. There were a lot of people that agreed that keyboard and mouse are better. If you are a pc gamer and enjoy fps games. Then you will find keyboard and mouse more profound. Try playing keyboard and mouse in other genres in video games. World of Warcraft is a rpg that is most effective for keyboard and mouse.


Gamepad is not precise


gamepad configuration
Image: Steam


Also League of Legends is another one for both keyboard and mouse. Racing and fighting game could work in some way. Gamepad is less precise than keyboard and mouse. The analog stick doesn’t move freely than a mouse. There is an option in console games about X and Y coordination. Sometimes it’s hard to aim in console video games. It takes practice and patience to master how to aim in fps. I been having trouble aiming in shooter games. Things distract me while I concentrate on the game. Analog stick are a pain to use but keep your thumbs calm. Button mapping on gamepad is stable and more accessible than keyboard.


mouse sensitivity fortnite
Image: Epic Games


There is a debate between gamers about gamepad vs keyboard and mouse. In my opinion, video game controllers are more stable for me than keyboard. I am still getting used to the keyboard and mouse. Recently, I try playing with the keyboard and mouse in Team Fortress Classic. It wasn’t too bad but still need more practice. Most gamers on pc use keyboard and mouse to play. Normally, I have you both gamepad and mouse depending on the game. Platformers uses keyboard as well but don’t know about a mouse. Whatever your preference is or the way you play a video game. There is no option or limitations on how to play a video game.


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