Why Esports are not big as Mainstream Sports Nowadays?


What is Esports?


Well we all heard of NFL, NHL and MLB.  What is there a sport where gamers who win big and being a part of a team. Esports which stand for Electronic Sports, put the top players around the world to face each other in competitive gaming. Esports export different genres of video games such as MOBA , FPS, fighting game, and real-time strategy. In 1970s through 1980s, there was a competition of Space Invaders on Atari and Spacewar at Stanford University.


E-sports promoter ESL
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There was organization called Twin Calaxies that helps promote video games and publicize through publications. That’s when America has its first video game group Called U.S. National Video Game Team, they are involved in running Video Game Masters Tournament for Guinness World Records. In 1980s Esports was in TV shows such as That’s Incredible! And Starcade, which the goals is to beat the person’s high score to win. In the 1990s, there were internet connection and the first online pc game was Netrek.  The first online sports game” stated by Wired Magazine. It opens up other gaming tournament such as 1990 Nintendo World Champions which held in Universal Studios Hollywood, California and Professional Gamers League which as the game Counter-Strike, Warcraft and Quake.


1980s Esports
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What is the trials and tribulation?


In 2000s, South Korea the growth of Esports influenced a mass building of broadband internet network which cause the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (which increase of high unemployment rate). In the present Esports has grown in viewership and prize money, Esports are in cable channels such as EPSN, Ongamenet, XLEAGUE.TV, Game One and more. Twitch is an advocate of streaming Esports with 4.5 million views mostly games like League of Legends and Dota. Now Esports is a part of the video game industry and uplift the developers to make tournament. Games and selling or promote gaming for these occasions. Here is the debate whether Esports is an legitimate sport, President of EPSN John Skipper stated that “”not a sport – [they’re] a competition” in the other hand Esports players became professional gaming celebrities and have a huge fan based in South Korea.


overwatch league gameplay
Image: Blizzard Entertainment.


In study the average elite game spends 14 hours a day from of the computer. Strategy is to find the players weakness and strengths. That’s why Esports is all about training and thrive to win just like any other sports. As for other games that appear in Esports Smite and Overwatch. These games are equipped with  functionality such as Spectator mode, Online and Local Area Network. Where teams such as OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team SoloMid, Cloud9. Also teams named after gaming products Logitech and Razer. Players are gamer who are passionate to be the best and show good sportsmanship. I want of end this gg that stands for Good Game and TFR stands for Thanks For Reading.


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